Tennis format needs to be changed

Apart from cricket ( I being an Indian cricket is my favourite by default), I am a gr8 fan of tennis. After watching grand slam matches for almost 10 yrs now , I have noticed one fact. There are too many 1-sided matches till the prequarters. There are a couple of disadvantages to it. First, they being too boring fail too attract a large crowd leading too lesser revenues. Second, I have observed that there are a couple of good unseeded players who go down helplessly to seeded ones. Also it doesnot help the masters of the game (read Federer & nadal ) much as donno how much playing against a weak opponent helps them.Third sometimes a relatively weak player reaches to higher rounds due to easier opponents. Last, no other major sports like football, hockey, cricket ( major sport only in some countries) have this knockout format as any player can have an off day…

I have a couple of suggestions to change the format. Let the bottom ranked 64 players play amongst themselves for 4 straight knockout rounds. There will be 4 top players remaining. They will be good as they have won 4 matches on trot. Next let the top 64 players play amongst themselves for 3 rounds at the end of which there will remain 8 players. But the losers have played against better players and deserve a second chance . 4 players who showed rigor & played well need to be selected for higher rounds. In this way we will get top 16 players for pre-quarters & the rest of the format continues as normal. In this way, i feel there will be lesser number of 1-sided matches & good players will get a reasonable chance to show their skills, irrespective of their rankings.Of course with women seeded players not playing well upto the mark on more than 1 occasion the format may not be very suitable for woman tennis

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  1. Purav says:

    Sahi shuru ho gaya lelebhai!

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