Is it necessary to sit upto 9′o clock in the office?

I have been associated with 2 huge firms, one a global investment bank & the other a top insurance firm in India. After working for alomst 7-8 hrs from 9 in the morning I used to leave @ around 6:30-&7:00 to be back home well before dinner time. I observed @ both places that there were quite a few people who used to stay back @ least till 8:30-9:00 quite consistently. Poosible reasons could be

1. There is so much work that it cannot be completed in 8 hrs

2. Impress your boss

3. Have no net access @ home & nothing much to do 2 @ sit in d office itself

4. It is just a tradition…person who leaves early ( before 8 ) doesn’t have much work to do.

Guys in US & UK who earn much more than us leave their workplace by 1 can be ruled out.Boss is smart enough to know your real intentions (He might have done the same when he was a junior ) There are many ways to impress your boss through your work that can be managed within the official timings of the company.  If you follow 3 then you are spoiling your social life. 4 is definitely not a tradition in the west & companies over there have been more profitable than the companies over here..

The problem with sitting late in offices is that an employee , tired from 5 day hectic work spends the weekends sleeping & covering up his it definitely doesn’t help. The problem may have some serious consequences, unobservable @ the moment..I am not hinting @ reducing the work hours but Indian employees need to look @ work cultures in the west for a better balance between their personal & professional lives.

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