Agony of being a new joinee

What is 1 thing which is common in almost all companies ? Ans: The experience they provide to new joinees..Here is a series of common experiences of a new joinee..

1. He wanders around in search of a place to sit.

2. After finding a place to sit ( In 99% of instances it is far away from where his team sits), he needs to raise some ticket to acquire a decent computer..

3. Number of tickets need to be raised to get access to shared drives, email, softwares, etc. No comments on the number of phone calls to be made & the frustration that follows.

These 3 steps take around 6-7 working days…

Now our Mr new joinee is finally employed & ready to fire..

He asks his boss for some work. Without even looking at him boss tells him he has a meeting to attend & asks our guy to ask someone else from the team to approach to. The team member without any clue what to do with this alien , gives him some industry reports to read. After reading the reports, Mr new guy again approaches some other guy from the team ( the previous guy has some ppt to make so no time with him  Also there is a release coming up ,so no time for any knowledge transfer—-KT as it is fondly called in IT service provider companies)

The second guy gives him some ppts to look & understand the system…this goes on for 4-5 days..

After that the new joinee is asked to do some clerical work such as data entry, starting & stopping server on a daily basis ,….

This procedure continues & it is good 20-30 days before our guy can finally make some meaningful contribution upto his own satisfaction levels…

There are a couple of serious issues arising out of this that need to be looked at

1. A person joins a new company with a hope that this place will be somewhat better than the previous one.Agreed ,this hope fades away with passage of time & reality dawns on him eventually but why accelerate this process ? Why kill the new joinee’s enthusiasm  & eagerness by not giving him any meaningful work as early as possible ?

2. Let us say the company pays him Rs 1500 per day ( Assuming a monthly salary of around 50000). Lets say company hires 300 employees in a yr.Just calculate the loss

Loss=Daily wages*No of days spent sitting idle* No of such employees

Loss=1500*30*300=1.35 crores !!!!!/ If the idle time is reduced to around 10 days, savings will be around 60-70 lakhs…

Instead of firing employees under pretext of costcutting, firms would do themselves a lot of good by preparing themselves well before a guy joins the firm in terms of well defined resources & infrastructure & proper work assignment to the new guy.

Satisfaction doesn’t come only from  work profile  but also from the awareness that  one’s presence is being recognised by the firm, in the early days of employment at the new place.

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