Why is there no Google or MS made in India?

Yet another financial yr ended on 31st march, yet another season of financials disclosures…After a disastrous 1 1/2 yr ,companies in India were proudly announcing great jumps in profits, sales and the stock markets rallied as well..there is 1 question which has always bothered me ? Why are our companies much smaller than companies in the West ? Why is there no single Indian company in list of top 20 most valuable companies in the world ? We have very good companies over here but none have achieved success even 60 % as gr8 as seen by likes of Google , MS, Apple, Exon Mobil, Arcelor-Mittal, Toyota & countless more..Even our banks are much smaller than their foreign counterparts  ( yes, after recession the market value of SBI was bigger than citi)..No comments on the level of innovations introduced by us in comparison with others…Why ?

You cant keep blaming India & its government for everything & anything..The reason is the way we are looked at…NOT BY OTHERS BUT BY OURSELVES..Indian IT companies are constantly on the lookout for deals from West..Why do they don’t invest substantially in R & D and come up with things like IPods ,Chrome Browser, Office packages or even social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter..Why do we remain service providers & not product innovation companies ? Is it because we are not knowledgeable enough ? I vehemently oppose that suggestion..It is just our attitude…A person is more than happy to earn 1 lac per month & do whatever is “told ” to him to do..It is not his mistake directly…  it is just inborn within us…You look at corporate objectives of an indian company. Most of them want to be best in India but make no mention of them making big @ global level. This makes our companies very competitive within India but as compared to western counterparts there is a issue…

Our companies like Google or MS should reserve 1 day for the employees to think out of the box & present at least 1 new idea every month..Believe me  the normal work would not get hampered in any way..Instead of focusing on people’s attire on different days of the week, if companies start focusing on people’s thinking power & knowledge base more often then I wont be surprised to find an Indian company in the list of 10 most valuable companies in the world & there will be a Google of India, by India but for the entire world..

Many would argue that there are many external factors that determine the level of competitiveness of industrialization of a  country , but my question is what prevented IITs & IIMs to figure among top educational institutes in the world? Why are our films not world class ? Why is the quality of our news channels not on par with that of CNN & BBC ? Surely there are many internal factors or lack of them  like our attitude, belief, killing instinct, vision apart from external factors responsible for this…

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