My bitter learnings @ summers

Finally an end to another journey, however small it was…There were some positives to take from my 2-month internship..I would like to share some unwritten rules of corporate world.

I was given the task of benchmarking the company with 7 other top players in the insurance industry. The company is the 6th biggest player in private insurance space. I decided to focus on areas where there were some weaknesses & after a 2-month research came up with several areas where there was scope for improvement for the company.I presented it in a very gentle manner without using any direct criticism of anyone even once. My efforts were appreciated & marks secured were good enough. However after seeing my presentation the boss asserted that my ppt contained many negative points for the company & if an outsider sees this ppt, he might think the company is not good enough..He added that senior people might not feel very happy on seeing  little mention of strengths for the company in the presentation….presentations need to be “balanced”.

Now let me make an analogy..Consider a tennis player who is ranked 5th in the world…Obviously he is better than 500 other professional tennis players & has some serious strengths & talent. But if he is ambitious he needs to look at the top 2-3 players & constantly ask himself , ” Why are they at the top ? What do they have that I don’t? ” If he is happy with his current strengths & achievements be satisfied with  the fact that he is better than hundreds then he will remain at the same position & will be forgotten soon after he retires. A person may not improve if he is told only about his strengths..He should always look forward to constructive criticism from others so that he can improve himself..

I feel this is what makes some people great..they don’t complain if someone finds faults in fact it makes them implicitly happy..they realise that every person knows his strengths & telling someone of his strengths doesn’t add to any valuable knowledge..This is why i feel there is only 1 numero uno position and ” There is room at the top “…The attitude of “wanting people to praise you” may not take you to #1 position ( there is no disgrace being @ 2nd , 3rd, 4th , 5th position but…..).You need to do away with this common human psychology.

Coming back to my main issue, I feel the company doesn’t need a summer intern to tell them where do there strengths lie..I am not defending my viewpoint but I feel finding areas of improvement only will  help to climb the ladder. Great management is always on the lookout of faults which they can correct..Seriously, what is the harm if someone from outside finds faults ? There was absolutely no intention from my side to demean the business strength of the company..after all no one can deny the fact that  it is bigger than 15 other players, but thats not the point…

Anyway I have learnt my lesson…Henceforth I will take care that I prepare “balanced” reports & presentations, if not goody ones..

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2 Responses to My bitter learnings @ summers

  1. Aditya Desai says:

    Accurate, insightful and to the point. And this goes for all your blogs…
    keep writing.. !

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