The real management gurus

Among various aspects which define a typical B-school curriculum are a series of guest lectures, by distinguished personalities from the corporate world. Ask anyone about the value addition from these lectures & he wont advocate it with enthusiasm. I seriously feel B-schools miss the point.. Students cant learn much about activities in the corporate world from the personality within 2 hours. It has been reduced to ” just another formal exercise” in the curriculum. Instead following are a couple of my suggestions regarding the personalities which can be invited for guest lectures

1. Mess/party  food caterer . He is the person who manages to serve 500+ people at one time. The food quality is generally good at parties & eatable enough for the mess ( surely many fellow hostel students will argue with me). Managing this is not an easy task. Daily planning is required to ensure there is no noticeable shortage in food.Caterer needs to ensure minimum food wastage as well to optimize costs. We can only make a guess about the amount of daily supplies required to make the food. Ensuring  this supply chain is yet another herculean task. Surely students can learn a thing or two about management from the caterers.

2. Now the latest fad in corporate world is stress management. Courses are held ( & widely publicised as well ) for employees regarding stress management. There is 1 profession where managing stress is not a luxury but a necessity for survival—-pilot. Surely, for a seasoned pilot handling stress is now a part of daily routine but he can share his experience of how he handled stress @ various instances of the flight during early days of flying.This applies to the medical profession as well.

I am sure students will definitely learn something if the institute invites them as their guests. Try inviting these people once…If it doesnot work out, no harm caused..You can always revert back to the old model of inviting only distinguished people..My college once invited a army personnel during a cultural event…It was one of the best guest lectures I have attended..

There is one more thing (if I can call it a thing) which can teach us immensely. Unfortunately it cannot be called for a guest lecture…

It is the Human Body….

The seamless integration between different body parts can teach the corporate world to increase the level of co-ordination & integration between different functions in an organisation. I am sure nobody will disagree with me completely if I say that an employee is clueless of the work done by another employee sitting next to him but working under a different team.
Another thing to note is the instantaneous  response from the brain to any action occurring. similarly the response from the top management (equivalent to our brain) should be instantaneous to changes in the business environment.
For reaction required to be completed before the action completes itself, the spinal cord takes over. Similarly the team member needs to be given enough authority to take actions without taking permission from the top management ( No comments on the tickets which have to be raised to reach the senior management)

There are some issues of our body which need to be absent in the organisation. The brain is the ultimate master & rest body parts merely obey it without raising ‘any objections’. Only the bosses @ Satyam & Lehman knew everything , hid a lot & those under them were clueless about what was going on in their ” brains”. Surely people at various positions need to to be given sufficient authority & need to have necessary information about the happenings of the company.       Second issue is of complexity. The human body is so complex that scientists admit that even after decades of research they are still unable to fathom the working of the human body in its entirety. Such complexity which can be understood by nobody completely may cripple down the organisation…

Like my previous 6 blog articles  , my theme remains the same. Try the power of simplicity will get surprising results..Corporates & b-schools need to engage in activities  which make practical sense & the stakeholders i.e the students or the employees  are truly benefited at least to some extent….

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