Not afraid of the big boys…

The first half of 2010 has seen many sports events such as the FIFA WorldCup, T20 WorldCup,French Open, Wimbledon,Natwest series,Badminton Singapore Open et al..One theme has clearly stood out in all these events— There have been quite a few very unexpected results in all these tournaments…England beating the mighty Australians, Roger Federer bowing out in quarters of French open & his pet tournament Wimbledon, smaller teams like Paraguay, Uraguay, Ghana beating bigger names like Italy & France, Saina Nehwal of India winning @ Singapore ( I hope people know that a game like Badminton exists), unexpected race outcomes @ Formula 1, Zimbabwe which has lost its test status beating the all mighty Indians twice in 4 days & so on…..

Earlier smaller names in sports used to lose to bigger boys even before the match started, due to mental submission to the obvious outcome of the game.. But the events this year have clearly shown that this trend is being challenged. The lesser known names have stopped losing mental games & are much better prepared to face the tougher ones. Maybe they have realised that the bigger names havent reached the top overnight & it is the culmination of sheer hardwork & perseverance..Federer must have also played on court 18 at some point of his career…

I would like to project this trend into a bigger picture. India should not be wary of any nation having a larger say in world politics & economics. With Indian companies increasingly taking on multinationals in the last decade or so.India seems to be on the right track…  I am not a part of the ” B-schools most fancied & considered the bestest in India”, but our entire batch, after our summer internships have realised that there is hardly any difference  between us & the ones from those “great” schools…I hope we are not afraid of the big guys & continue to concentrate on excellence & make a mark for ourselves..

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