What has MBA taught me till now ..

There is always a debate on the value addition of an MBA course.The advocates state that it helps individuals understand & think from a  business perspective, effectively manage all the resources available, building strategies and so on……The critics claim that it is just glorified common sense & the net monetary benefit from doing MBA instead of continuing with your job can be realised only 5-6 yrs after course completion……

It has been 1 yr since I have joined an MBA course. I would like to share some things I learnt from MBA , which I might not have learnt had I continued with my job straight after engineering. These things are apart from MBA academics ( There is lot of acads involved in MBA & not just suit-ties & fancy presentations..)

1. YOU DONOT GET WHAT YOU DESERVE..YOU GET WHAT YOU NEGOTIATE…A quote from one of my profs..You may have done the best of analytical work, but if you cant convince the stakeholders regarding its importance, your efforts may go in vain. The reverse is also true..Some rubbish work marketed with great skills can bring you accolades.

2. To make your work sound very important & complicated. use words like “analyse”, ” strategy”, ” value enhancement”, ” efficiency improvement” etc lavishly. Similarly if you donot make a complicated presentation full of hi-fi words, you are perceived as a person without much knowledge.

3. Never say I donot know..Say it “depends”

4. Learnt a new word “pfaff”..Wont elaborate..it is a MBA copyright

5. Engineering is just 1 of many many more degrees available for students to pursue for graduation.

6. Mumbai is just 1 of many more big cities in India. Not every person from rest of India desires to land in Mumbai to earn a living, contrary to what is shown in Hindi films.

7. It pays to know the local language. (I am one of the few fortunate ones whose mother tongue is the same as the local language of  the city where I am studying)

8.  The non teaching staff hates students, be it a government run institute or a private one.

9. It is allright to be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”

10. Bureaucracy, rigidity to change, illogical way of handling operations and undue importance to insignificant things exist everywhere & you can do nothing about it. Learn to live with it.

11. Even if you find food @ very expensive hotels bland & little value for money, donot voice your opinion; you could become the odd man out…Subscribe yourself to the general perception–>Costlier the stuff, better is the quality delivered.

12. The greatest invention by mankind in electronics space has been a laptop

13. There are 5 basic neccesities of life: Food, clothing,shelter, INTERNET & MICROSOFT OFFICE

14. Internet connectivity in hostel & the mess food increase your tolerance levels and help in better anger management..

15. If you cannot convince a person, confuse him. On the reverse side, if you cannot understand what a person is talking about, assume that either he has limited knowledge on the subject or he is trying to convey some bad news in a subtle and an euphemistic manner.

16. The theories learnt in class are most applicable  in day-to-day MBA routine. Studies & all assignments get completed “Just in Time (JIT)”….80% of the work is done in last 20% of the total time allocated (Pareto analysis)…Type I error: Rejecting a true  deserving person & Type II error: Accepting a relatively non deserving one are also not uncommon..

17. Some poet has said “Death equalizes all men”..in acads placements equalizes all students..

18. Above all this, I got to interact with people from various regions, fields, & in general different backgrounds. Till my job I had interacted with people more or less from 1 city & more or less from similar backgrounds…
Just interacting with a person for some time is enough for a person   to accurately determine the specialization he is going to pursue. Thus MBA helps one to “ANALYSE the career likings of subjects through formal & informal communication”

Some lessons for life learnt in MBA program….

1. Donot threaten a person with something which he knows that you cant do…your value goes down..

2.The best strategy in life is “LITG” —Leave It To GOD” …strategy proposed by one of my profs….

3. There will be “social loafers” in your team i.e guys who do no work but get equal credit as other hardworking guys in the team. If you happen to fall in the latter category (by misfortune), just ensure that there is majority of hardworking guys like you & minority of social loafers in the team, else the burden on you will become too much to bear….

Some may say that you donot require an MBA degree to learn all this stuff & 2-3 yrs of experience is sufficient to learn all of it..
Well, there is no right or wrong side of the MBA debate. It “depends”. Just wish to state that it has been a great journey so far & I hope to leverage my experience in my future career path

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14 Responses to What has MBA taught me till now ..

  1. Alok Bugde says:

    very well written…

  2. Debjeet says:

    I like it mann !!!! You have written some nice articles… Keep it up and I’ll regularly follow it 🙂 🙂 interesting ones…

  3. Debjeet says:

    Could you still try to elaborate more on point No. 9 🙂

  4. Sidhartha says:

    Well written and very true. am also an MBA 2nd year student n found every word very true to my experience.

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  6. Ajay Kasana says:

    Hey Shekhar,
    Nice observations especially the 6th one.

  7. gunjan says:

    m sure all 2nd yr mba grads cn totally relate to dis stuff…. gud post!!!

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  9. sameer says:

    hey …im an architecture student but i totally understood ur article…actually some of these points match my course too….but some are the opposite

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  11. Gouraja Parelkar says:

    its sooo well written Shekhar.. Every point is true

  12. Gaurav Kawale says:

    well written – with absolutely no pfaff.. 😀

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