I am a fan of these greats

Over the years, a few personalities from various fields have influenced me with either their charisma, vision, deep understanding of psychology,strategic thinking. Here is my list of these greats in different areas..


1. Steve Waugh: He is credited for the current unsurpassable dominance of Australia in cricket. He symbolised various great qualities of a captain: cool, courageous, ability to extract the best of his teammates, aggressive on the field & not off the field in addition to being a top quality batsman & Mr Dependable himself.

2. Kapil Dev: He never missed a match due to injury. He was a genuine allrounder, both in terms of cricketing skills as well as in  qualities of a true sportsman.

3. Harsha Bhogle: He dismissed the common belief that ” To know something & talk about it, you need to experience it first”

4. Federer: No fancy display of emotions…Just cool silent killer who is almost always perfect.

5. Shane Warne (read him as the Captain of IPL-I winners Rajasthan Royals): Determination,fire,team spirit,killing instinct matter, not age or money or star studded line-up ! He was often called as “The best captain Australia never had”…

Corporate world

1. Dhirubhai Ambani: From a small town cloth merchant to a business tycoon.. you dont need to be an MBA to do that!!..he knew principles of Finance better than most top financial analysts having degrees from top-notch B-schools

2. Larry Page & Sergy Brin-college droupouts who transformed the world …Truly amazing!!!!

3. JRD Tata & Ratan Tata: There are only 2 ways of doing business. One is the Tata way, the other is what rest all other companies do.

4. Narayan Murthy: Symbolises the not so common quality of Simple living High Thinking!!

5. Steve Jobs : Unparalleled visionary ability. He got fired from his own company for thinking way ahead of his time. But ultimately Apple realised that it cannot survive without Jobs and he was recalled


1. Graham Bell: The origin behind the current telecom boom in the world.Cant imagine the world without the telephone.

2. Thomas Edison: He failed 78 times before inventing a gem of a device. How many of us have such levels of self confidence & persistence ?

3. Wright brothers: Many people tried to invent a plane by  trying to emulate the flight of a bird. The brothers possessed the ability to think out of the box & invent something, which in my opinion is the best invention of all times after the telephone & the electric bulb.

4. Joseph Barbera: Creator of Tom & Jerry-undoubtedly the best cartoon ever created…It sort of characterises the theme of my blog: Power of Simplicity.


1. Charlie Chaplin: Miles ahead of his time. “The great dictator” film was watched twice by the dictator himself at a time when he was the king of the world.

2. Shahrukh Khan : There are lakhs of  people who love him & innumerable people who hate him. But one thing is for sure,there are not many who without any godfather have achieved more success than him.

3. Naseruddin Shah: Remains an unsung hero.. Possesses one of the best  abilities to play any type of role…no stereotype

Other fields

1. Kiran bedi: Fought all odds to transform one of the deadliest prisons in India

2. R.K Laxman: This man expresses the entire pathetic state of Indian politics in just a few strokes!!!

These are just a few of people who have influenced me. Even if we manage to bring a few % of their qualities in us, it would do us a lot of good..

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