Be proud to be an Indian..

This post comes after 14 blog posts, although the topic has been on my mind right from the beginning.. When we think about our own country, the first things that come to our mind are all the negative aspects such as rampant corruption, poor infrastructure, low quality of education, etc and we always try to demean our country as compared to other developed countries. In this post I have tried to concentrate on areas where India is doing well and which should make every Indian feel proud of his or her country. I will be talking more on things achieved by India in present times and less on past glory of India

1. Management

India has a 100 crore plus population… I cant think of a single country which could have been able to manage such a large population as well as India does. When one complains about the countless problems caused by population, one needs to consider the sheer size of the population to be managed by the government ,as compared to other relatively less densely  populated countries….If one thinks that the word “management” is too optimistic as far as population is concerned, one can say that India “handles” its population with huge diversity in religions, faiths, ideas, etc reasonably well…

India has one of the the biggest network of railways in the world. Managing thousands of trains operating criss-cross the country is not an easy task. So, the next time you complain about train delays/ unfortunate events, just calculate their respective probabilities with the total number of services run daily.

On similar lines, India actually manages its huge & relatively frequent elections far better than other countries manage their relatively smaller ones, but we ( & the media) tend to concentrate only on issues such as poll rigging, violence..

The famous B-school terminology “Six Sigma” is not applicable to the Mumbai dabbawalas. Their accuracy levels surpass 9 sigma levels..

2. Courtesy

During the 26/7 deluge in Mumbai and similar events in other parts of the country, there was not even one single event reported with regards to robbery, looting.People were courteous enough to provide basic necessities to helpless people .On the other hand when cyclones struck another, much mightier country, there were incidences of mass looting of all the regions under the cyclonic attack. I would not like to stress further on this point and leave it to the reader to ponder over it.

3. Fundamental Human Rights

In India, even a criminal is given a fair opportunity to present his side of the case in a free judicial system. Some countries may be passing judgments in a matter of hours but whether the process has been fair in such cases remains questionable…..The long drawn trial process sometimes stretching into years and not always yielding conclusive results, misuse of the process are some of the unfortunate things of our judicial process ,but the point to be noted is that the intention of the country is to provide basic rights of fair trial to everyone involved.

4. Intellectual capacity

India’s contribution towards the fields of mathematics , physics is too huge to be described in words. However, many of Indian born researchers and professionals in modern era have migrated to other countries for their work, perhaps never to return to India. Their argument is that there are not enough opportunities in India. My counter argument is if these highly intellectual men donot create opportunities in their own motherland India, who else can ?

I donot expect anyone to look at all the positives alone which will cover up all the negative aspects residing lavishly in our country. The point is when one talks about the bad aspects of India, he needs to ask himself whether he has done even one single thing in his own capacity to improve the image of this country.I only intend to challenge the common mentality of Indians to look only at the negative aspects of our country…..India is a great country—There is much more in India than just corruption. One must feel proud by the fact that despite all the gigantic problems, India has done so well in 6 decades and could have been in much better place had things panned out differently in the past. A lot is still left to be done..All Indians need to work in their own capacity to help the country overcome its problems and transform it into a country of which we are all truly proud of..

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