Lucky to be born 25 yrs back…

I have talked about sports, MBA life, India, corporate life in my earlier 15 articles but have never touched upon our individual lives and our changing lifestyles…. Today I had a visit to a shopping mall where I saw a section of various games I played in my childhoood. It brought back all the old memories and a realization that I was lucky to spend my childhood in the 80s & 90s.

We as children played many indoor games like Scrabble, Businessworld, Architect, Memory, Mechanic, Heman-GiJoe models, etc….Apart from good time-pass these games were successful in stimulating our brains and encouraging  creative ideas. This is not the picture of a typical child these days. Whatever time a student gets from tuitions ( Nowadays there are tuitions right from 1st standard as well as tuitions to train you to get into other bigger and more prestigious coaching institutes), is spent on computer games & on the internet. There is a serious concern of this trend affecting the process of development of intellectual thinking and creativity of the children. Computers made an entry into most of homes of children of my times in later part of their school and it was used for activities apart form just games. The reduced usage of physical activity stimulating games these days can have adverse effects later on. The ill effects of very early exposure to computers in terms of posture, continuous clicking of the mouse, etc is a different issue altogether.

Every evening me and my friends used to play an outdoor event for atleast 2-3 hours on a trot..( Breaking of window glasses during cricket matches and running from the scene in a jiffy thereafter had its own charms those days). Nowadays I hardly find children in my housing society and younger than me playing in outdoor games for a sufficient time , thanks to “increased conscience towards academics and increased computer literacy”. Gone are the days when you used to call out your friend’s name on top of your voice asking him to come downstairs to play ..nowadays a sms does the job.. The ratings of sailing paper boats in rainwater puddles, flying kites seems to have  gone down drastically as well. The children of today miss the heated discussions “on the field” and other pleasures we had while actually physically playing sports.This is also bound to have adverse effects later on.

The point is children of my age have now all have sufficient experience of all the modern equipments and technologies of today such as GPRS, Bluetooth, iphone, blackberry as well as all the social networking sites.So we havent actually missed anything spectacular..Nowadays most of my idle time is spent on my laptop, either surfing or watching some movies. Young children are doing this right since they start understanding these devices. So I actually consider myself fortunate to have not been subjected to the ultra modern machine age right from my early childhood and actually get a chance to do physical activities which helped develop my intellect & creative mindset. I am not sure whether the current computer games have an equal ability to do so. Research needs to be carried out in this field and thereafter develop ideas which indulge students in activities requiring them to do things apart from just clicking the mouse and looking at the computer screen all the time.

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3 Responses to Lucky to be born 25 yrs back…

  1. Kushal Gupta says:

    Yup Shekhar! Well Said! Indeed it was gr8 fun in shouting our friends’ names and asking them to come over for cricket.But Cricket’2010 seems to have replaced ‘gulli cricket’ 😦

  2. Balaji says:

    Absolutely true mate!! Uve hit the nail on the head!!
    Gosh i miss those days when from after school.. i jumped into shorts and ran arnd playing cricket! We are from a different GENERATION now 😀

  3. Upasana says:

    I remember playing outside with friends!Good old days!! Things changed when video games came ..I was addicted to Super Mario then and so it has never stopped. More and more gadgets are launched everyday.

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