Dissecting each International Cricket Team

My inclination towards writing articles on India’s beloved game of cricket brings me to my second article on this game. This is an article written by me for Sportskeeda , an all-sports website & magazine….

The game of cricket has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. Giants have fallen… Some have risen …Here I make an attempt to analyse the changes each team has seen in the recent past and reasons for the same thereof..

1. Australia

This is a classic example of ” Nothing is permanent in life” …At 1 point Australia was believed to be too strong for any team to come anywhere close to them..However the stars have retired since then and the new joinees are not as great as the McGraths , Warnes, haydens, Gillis, atleast till now..No team now loses to this team mentally before the start of the game , as it used to happen only a few years back..

2. South Africa

This reminds me of a typical case in an office. An employee may be very good on paper but the manager is only concerned with the results he delivers. He is not concerned with whys, , hows, et al in case of under-performance…he needs results , by hook or crook..Clearly this team although always thought to be great, has not delivered the results expected…

3. Pakistan

Our 1st Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had once said ” Failure comes not as much from the might of the enemy outside but more from the enemy within..” The team that once boasted of great killing instincts, fighting spirit as well as produced some of the best seamers the game has ever seen, is now in news only for all innovative bad reasons

4. West Indies

Murphy’s law prevails here ” Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong” .. WI is like Lehman Brothers , AIG or some other “big” firms…outstanding at one point of time..now reduced to a mere rubble……Any new player must debut against this team to boost his confidence..

5. New Zealand

This is like an employee who consistently gets a rating of around 5-6 out of 10 for his performance…sometimes surprises all by getting an 8/10 once in a blue moon..no one is really surprised even if he gets a 3-4 /10… NZ has never really looked like being able to establish itself in the top league…I had once joked in my tweet during the current India-NZ & Ashes series “probably last series for Ponting as a captain..probably last series for New Zealand as a team…”

6. SriLanka

This is one of the most unfortunate team in cricket. Has had quite a few sparks over the years, including the spin wizard….but 1996 World Cup victory is probably the only great achievement to boast of as a team…Something tends to happen to them at the last hurdle…

7. Zimbabwe & Bangladesh

I am talking of teams of international standards in this post ..I guess these 2 donot make it that category..If one of these 2 teams ever makes an upset , it is considered equivalent to a tail-ender hitting an unexpected half century…

Now time to praise a few teams…

1. England

The home of cricket , England has been more unfortunate as Srilanka..never making it great at the international level in the past & always liked to lose in finals of major tournaments..Things have changed..England are the current T20 champions and can probably continue to “COOK” Kangaroos and dump them into ashes in the ongoing series..

2. India

It gives me great pleasure to include our team in the section of Achievers..Turnaround started around the Ganguly-Wright Regime…there have been a few hiccups on the journey since then but they are far too small in the face of the achievements..The master returning back to his old job of giving bowlers sleepless nights, addition of great new players, India actually having a list of genuine pacers to choose from, India finally shedding the “chokers” tag, etc have been a few highlights of this transformation..

So what did these 2 teams do differently ? It is the belief in themselves that “WE CAN”..Moving from “Nothing to lose to Do Everything to win attitude..MS Dhoni, Collingwood, Strauss have played a great role in motivating their teams & most importantly allowing the stars in the team to do what they are best suited at…

Other teams need to take a leaf or two from these 2 teams to return back to their glorious days and /or make a real impact in this gentleman’s game..For us, the takeaway can be that we should never be afraid of bigger names in our field and strive for excellence to establish  a position for ourselves..

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