Why is cricket a funny game ?

I, like billion other Indians, have been watching cricket matches since I first understood what T.V was..Over the years I have observed many unusual things about cricket, which I would like to mention here..

1. There are only 2 Cs common throughout India—-Corruption & Cricket…Only these 2 Cs are capable of making headlines in India..

2. Only in cricket ,we cheer when the ball is hit out of the boundary ropes. In rest all other games, the player is expected to keep the ball inside the boundary line.

3. Also cricket is the only game which is played in full pants…Since I am talking from India’s point of view, I would not consider sports like Baseball, Golf, etc ( Who watches them in India ?)

4. It is the only sport where the dimensions of the ground are not fixed

5. A “Red” traffic signal signifies stop..”Green” signal signifies go…In Cricket, a red signal from the third umpire asks the batsman to go off the field…green signal asks him to wait..

6. It is the only sport which derives its name as well as name of the most important tool –the bat from those of  insects & mammals but still it is called as the gentleman’s game

7. It is like the English language—Many words like Pinch hitter, Tennis shot ,Smash, Carrom ball are derived from other sports…No wonder the game of Cricket was invented by the English.English language & cricket have been one of the biggest contributions of English for India

8. Its shortest format the T20 generally lasts  longer than matches of most other sports

9. It is the only sport where there is provision to determine the result before the completion of a match,interrupted by rains or any other event

It is difficult to determine why is India  so crazy about cricket and why most other countries are least interested in this game. But one things for sure, is that this game is quite different from other games and has the uncanny ability to withhold the breath of billion Indians, especially when that little master is batting..

This is my 3rd post out of 19 which talks directly about cricket. Cant help it really. As an Indian, I am compelled to write about the game of which we are passionate about and which binds all of us together

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1 Response to Why is cricket a funny game ?

  1. Purav says:

    I like this.
    Excellent observations!!!!!

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