No spark without that star

We all enjoy watching movies of some type /language, various sports based on the country we reside and other factors. The question which came to my mind is whether we watch any match for the game and/or for its heroes and what happens to the sport once that superstar hangs up his boots..Here are a few examples..

I was a keen follower of Formula-1 a few years back but somehow I have lost interest in the sport the moment Michael Schumacher stopped wearing that red Ferrari jersey.
Men tennis was lucky to get someone like Federer-Nadal after the departure of Sampras-Agassi; but no one has been able to meet the likes of Steffi Graf in women tennis and we are all witness to the falling interest and quality in women tennis since then..We are a witness to the falling domination of Australia in cricket post the departure of that dream line-up …The most important question before us now is will the game of cricket continued to be treated like religion in India once that little man calls it a day ???

The entertainment industry has seen similar effects..The Khans are in twilight of their careers; there have been green shoots of new actors of late but nothing substantial from anyone of them as of now and this is reflected in the decreasing quality of Hindi movies over the past 2-3 years..There has not been a single female actor in recent years who has had a shelf life comparable to the actresses of 80’s & 90’s..The result of no great actors replacing the glorious ones of the past is the absence of a substantial number of great and spectacular film performances of late

What about the corporate world ? Charismatic leaders like Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy and many more have left the field. Their respective companies are still & will continue to go great guns but is the spark without the star missing?

How can a sports authority deal with the decrease in interest levels post the retirement of that charismatic figure ? Comebacks have had disastrous history in all fields..One of the ways is to shift focus to emerging sportsman a few years before the stars leave the field so that there is no visible gap post retirement…They need to be grooved as per their own skills–trying to emulate the great ones will only lead to their downfall..They may not be as great or charismatic as the previous ones but may be good enough to restrict the falling interest of fans in the game till someone else arrives at the scene and changes the way the game is played. India probably has done that..the match now no longer ends once Sachin gets out.Similar things need to be done in entertainment industry & in corporate world…Efforts need to be thus made to take the game beyond a few noted players.People need to be made passionate about the sport itself and not just for a few stars. They will leave the field eventually but as they say “The show must go on..’

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