What 2010 taught me ?

Yet another year draws to a close and with that an important decade has ended. 2010 was a different year as many of events of 2010 were unique and taught me quite a few things..Here are some

1.Time flies

When I joined MBA in 2009, an entire year of 2010 lay in front of me and worries about recession, economy , job prospects post completion were a cause of great concern. I still remember how I spent 31/12/2009 but I just dont know how time completed its 365 days journey since then and I now welcome the year of completion of my post graduation and starting on a new journey. This told me to complete things on time and not relax till the last moment with the perception that there is too much time left..Unknown to us, Time just flies away…..

2. There is a reason why champions are called so..

People had started calculating the number of days left for the little master to retire..but came 2010 and rest is as they say history..Champions may be down for some time..after all they are human beings, but coming back to the top from such a position is what makes them special..

3. Some things are not meant for change

Corruption , scams, media farce on any topic ranging from someone’s swayamvar to world economy wont change ..No point in criticizing such things…Learn to live with them

4. Just like some poet has said “Death equalises all men”, in academics “Placements equalises all students”

5. Giants can fall very fast…

Once cricket dominating Australia is now reduced to ashes by the Barmy army…In corporate world India’s top-selling handset company is facing increasing challenges from players born only a few years back..You may be #1 but if you donot innovate you are bound to fall behind..

6. You definitely cannot fool people beyond a certain point

In this year films with star studded cast were promoted as if it is the duty of people to watch them..Only things missing in these films were a story and a definite, clear purpose for making the film in the very first place..Result—> 2010 was a very ordinary year for film industry with analysts losing count of number of box office duds…All you can do is bring your product in the awareness set of consumers..If it is good it will automatically move to their choice set..People will not get fooled by your effort to push your bad product in their choice set, for a long time…(Apologies for using language of a Marketing MBA guy..)

I have listed my 21 learnings from MBA program 10 posts earlier, in my personal favourite post  https://shekharlele.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/what-has-mba-taught-me-till-now/ ..All these are also things I learnt in 2010..

This was a special year for many of my friends studying at various colleges around the world..Hope we learn from our mistakes and continue to strive for excellence in the years to come…

Happy New Year to all….!!!!

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1 Response to What 2010 taught me ?

  1. Purav says:

    What do you exactly mean by this :”Placements equalises all students”

    Anyways, Wish you a Very happy new year Shekharbhai.
    Had a lovely year in your company.

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