Importance of Cross-field skills

We all enjoy watching a couple of sports depending upon our country of residence; Tennis, cricket, football & Formula 1 being my favourite..After watching these sports over the years, I have found that there are quite a few similarities in these sports and a skill in 1 sport can fetch dividends if used in other sport..I will first quote a few  successful examples of this cross sports skills..

McEnroe, a legendary tennis player was once a football team goalkeeper. No wonder he had the remarkable court coverage and ability to return the ball dropped any where on his side

Every fielding coach dreams of having a Jonty Rhodes in his side. That Jonty Rhodes was the vice captain of a local ice hockey team. No wonder he could dive a full length to save a ball miles away from him.

Stephen Fleming was an economics student. As the captain of New-Zealand team, he was able to effectively use whatever little resources he had in his not so strong team

Can cross-field skills be of use in our personal and/or professional lives ?

I once read a news article that a construction worker became a very good cook, making rotis being his favourite activity. For him making a roti dough, with the right mix of atta & water was akin to and as easy as making a cement mix with the right proportions of water and sand…
In my summer internship , I used quite a few marketing concepts in my report to explain my analysis in a finance related project ,and it did yield good results.

Politicians can probably try their luck in films..after all they are such good actors..!!!

The reasons why usage of cross-field skills help may be that use of cross-field skills tends to bring a new dimension or a methodology to the table other than the fixed set predefined pattern to approach a particular topic of a particular subject. ( The fact that people working in 1 field for many years are not much aware of concepts of other fields also helps..). Also as stated earlier no two activities in a similar domain are completely different from one another..

Out of 22 posts this is my 7th post in the sub category of Learnings from sports. I have realised that sports play a much importance in our lives than just a means of entertainment

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