What if…???

With just a week to go for the grand event, all the channels & newspapers are busy featuring articles from all sorts of cricket experts..Here, I have listed down the most probable consequences of 2 scenarios..What if India wins the Cup & What if India doesnot win the cup ?

What if India wins the Cup ??

1. It will be the last World cup appearance of the master

2. The master will be awarded the most coveted award in the country–Bharat Ratna

3. Going to South Mumbai on 3rd April will take atleast thrice the normal time..there will be extraordinary traffic jam thanks to the victorious team’s victory parade.

4. All recent scams will be forgotten by the media..After all where is the time to talk of things which happen on a daily basis in the country

5. UPA government will claim World Cup victory as one of its own achievements..(Finally something to cheer about..)

6. No work will be done on Monday 4th April in any office..

7. Diwali will come much early for all restaurants, fire crackers manufacturing companies and others…

8. Team India will be treated as “The league of extra-ordinary gentlemen”

9. As mentioned by one of my friends, 1983 World Cup heores wont appear again to talk about their experiences before any another world cup in the future.

What if India doesnot win the cup ??

1. All chats at homes, office cafeterias, social networking sites will only have 1 point of discussion..Everyone will become a cricket expert and analyse the reasons for failure..

2. Aaj tak will have only have programs  like  “Match ke mujrim kaun ?” to show throughout the day

3. Numerology & Astrology experts will come up with some combination of numbers and stars as a reason for India’s failure

4. Women wont have any interference while watching their saas-bahu & other melodramatic serials and reality shows on TV at home

5. If India goes down early, Electricity savings will be huge vis-a-vis the scenario when India reaches the ultimate stage ( Disclaimer: I am just putting down thoughts..not suggesting anything)

6. Men in blue will be treated like normal human beings..

7. Life will return to normalcy much faster

No matter what happens at the World Cup, this one tournament will manage to bring the country to a standstill, especially when that little master will come out to bat, hopefully on his own homeground Mumbai on 2nd April

All the best India….!!!!!!!!!!!!

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