Why all of us like upsets in sports

Yesterday the cricketing world saw the first upset of the CWC 2011 and the tradition of atleast 1 upset per World Cup continues for the 5th consecutive time. After having witnessed upsets in other games like tennis, football as well, I try to determine the reasons why upsets manage to arouse huge excitement from all the fans of the game

1. The most important reason has something to do with our own thinking and attitude. It always gives us pleasure when we defeat or overcome stronger opponents in any field , be it sports, academics or even professional careers. Upsets in sports arouse the “Not afraid of the big boys”, “Nothing to lose” & other inherent feelings in us and we like to witness atleast one such happening in every major tournament.

2. Continuing with the above point, everyone loves to witness events which happen somewhat differently from the script and not as predicted or anticipated. Something “different from normal” is always desired & upsets do provide with the same, even though 1 upset may not matter much in the larger scheme of things.

3. Upsets are a treat for newspapers & news channels. They get to put something on their headlines an main news apart from stuff related to corruption, scams, etc which happen on a daily basis in our country

4. Upsets are every sports writer’s delight as well. He enjoys full freedom in unleashing his creativity while mocking the defeated stronger team and especially its captain & the “Match ka Mujrim”.

5. Only cricket is allowed to be discussed in cafeterias & canteens during office lunch hours when the Cricket World Cup is on. Upsets are the second hottest topics of discussion , after those related to India’s matches ( I hope the above 2 topics donot merge into one in this CWC)

One piece of advice from my side, after I missed the Ireland innings completely
(Please donot laugh..:))

No matter who is playing & no matter what is the target to be achieved, switch to the     sports  channel periodically..Else who knows you may get upset on not seeing an            upset!!!

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2 Responses to Why all of us like upsets in sports

  1. Alok Bugde says:

    Upsets are usually planned by BCCI…when the extra long tournament goes extra boring!!

  2. Shekhar Lele says:

    Tournaments are now just another reality show..Some upsets are good to keep the excitement up..!!

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