Tentative push is bad

After the controversial decision in India-England match, the feasibility of UDRS technology in the CWC is the hottest topic of discussion nowadays..Here I compare UDRS with use of technology in other sports

In Tennis, technology is used to review decisions as well. But there, the technology makes the final call whether the ball is good or not & the challenges have been successful more often than not. No distinction is made between a ball that is clearly in or out and the one which just marginally touches the sidelines. Decision is not thrown back to the court umpire and the uniformity in decisions is thus ensured.

In cricket, such is not the case, atleast till now. The third umpire throws the decision back to the onfield umpire if he himself is in doubt ( even after watching the replays on TV)..The onfield umpire generally doesnot reverse his decision in such cases..(Who would like to prove himself wrong unless forced to do so ?)

One thing that a batsman is always taught is to either leave a ball or play it with confidence..Tentative pushing & getting caught between 2 minds is bad..Same is the case with UDRS..Technology is being selectively used…Technology has its own limitations..But as far as accuracy in predicting the ball trajectory is concerned, human eye cannot beat technology..If the matter goes to UDRS, the TV umpire needs to make a final call..Bowled is bowled..Distinguishing between ball clipping leg stump & the one hitting middle stump will introduce subjectivity (This is where tennis scores)….As a result the controversies like the one during India-England match are bound to repeat….On the other hand, UDRS can be completely scrapped and the centuries old tradition of accepting the umpire’s decision as the final can continue...(Just like football).…This tentative uncertain pushing of technology is likely to create unevenness in the reviewed decisions.

Thus Tennis & Football are 2 opposite scenarios as far as technology is concerned..Cricket right now is sitting on the fence…Some may say that cricket is a complex game with a lot of rules, especially those for lbw..there are grey areas..Black & White decision making cannot be made….UDRS is a tool & not a solution..Agreed, but unless ICC defines a definite role for UDRS and continues to keep things in uncertainty, it will only invite criticism from the ones who suffered because of the uncertainty

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