The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

After a comprehensive win over WI, India has managed to enter the next stage though the front door and not through any back door. I now try to assess the capabilities of India for the next round(s), along the lines of the title of one of my favourite films “The Good, The Bad & the Ugly”

The Good

India is very good at “De Ghuma Ke”.. Undoubtedly the best batting line-up of the tournament , both on paper as well as on the 22-yard pitch till now. Our batting is our great, if not the only hope in our quest for the final glory. The recent wobbliness in the batting is of some concern though. Our batsmen need to be reminded that the ODI is a 50 over game; not a 48-over match and there is no real need to give the opposition team additional 15 mins of rest before they come out to bat..

The Bad

During the India-WI match , a legendary batsman said on air ” Apart from 1983 WC where we lifted our fielding standards, India has been pretty consistent in its average fielding standards…”  This can be seen even in this WC. The job description of an Indian fielder includes taking the pace of the ball running past him at maximum of 2 feet to his right or left and taking catches which are offered to him in near vicinity. There are 2-3 outperformers in this department, 3-4 who perform satisfactorily and 3-4 are consistent underperformers..The age old saying “Catches win matches” is not a part of the vision & mission statement of this “company”.

The Ugly

It could be every batsman’s dream to make a debut against Indian bowlers..They do tend to support his cause. India could have won many more matches over the years, but for its bowling..Bowling 300 balls is seen more as a  formality and less as a passion..No need to mention the performance against England & SA in this WC ..What wonders me is the fact that our neighboring country with similar geographical conditions has produced a battery of spectacular pacers over the years as compared to just a handful by India..

The challenge is going to increase multi-fold in the remaining 10 days..You need to rise to the occasion and try to deliver the best to meet the dreams of a billion people. Simply accepting our fate with regards to our  “Bad” & “Ugly” wont take us anywhere.Assuming that  the “Good” will always come to the party will be disastrous..Need to come up with some special all round performance..

All the best India..!!!

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