From a “critic”

This is what I am called whenever I utter even a single word against the master blaster. I would like to talk about my views on the “God” in this post..

I have found from various forums & discussions that there are (a) few people who have the same views as me..First point of clarification is that we “so called critics” neither hate him nor doubt any of his capabilities. I, like millions of fans celebrated his ODI double century ..Even I will never forget what he did to the Aussies in Sharjah and to Shoaib & Co at Centurion..I also felt emotional on seeing him carried on the shoulders of fellow team mates after the achievement..
Our point of contention is the amount of praise showered & the blind devotion people can have for any single person..Here are a few illustrations..

1. Equivalent  to “GOD”..
Theres no proof that any human being on the earth  is the Almighty….Cricket, after all is just a game played by a handful of countries in the world..There is no charity involved in this game..We donot know how much money the cricketers actually make through this game and the accompanying endorsements..So the point is ” Is it a sin not to consider him as ‘GOD’ “but just” as a  great cricketer possessing extraordinary batting talent..?”

2. The greatest man ever to hold the bat..
Tell me one formula through which  people found out that players who played far lesser number of matches in the past , played mightier pacers without a helmet are in any way less great..And what about that 22 year old Indian captain who played with just 1 eye and managed to hammer bowlers even though he could barely see the ball a few feet away before hitting it…And what about that Wall & the Aussie tormentor who were the heroes in the greatest ever test match played in Kolkata ?..The list can go on endlessly…The thing is players of different era & styles are just not comparable… So, in short there is a very simple answer to the question “Who is the greatest batsman on earth”..It is “Nobody knows and nobody can find out” ….Then , the point is that there is no real need to compare different players ..Just sit back on the couch & enjoy the game of cricket..

3. There should be a mention of him in every match India wins..
On the other day he walked off when he was batting on 2, knowing he was out & did not wait for umpire’s decision or the review.. A very good gesture indeed in today’s cricketing world full of cheats…Perfectly all right to mention this in bold letters in post match reviews..But again , the point of contention is “Is there a necessity to run full page length articles showering praises on his integrity..?”..Also to say that a batsman, who got out on 2 missed his ton in that match, may be another point of issue….

I take inspiration from Shakespeare’s quote and say ” Cricket is a stage, guys on the field are mere players..” My point is simple..Agreed in our country, cricket is treated like a religion and not as just a game…But one can be a great fan not necessarily a devotee… Cheer your favorite player’s great performance..don’t crave for it because the bitter truth is any single player or team’s performance in any sport is not going to make even a minuscule of difference in your personal day-to-day routine life.. On the other hand lesson for me & “critics” like me is “In Rome do, think & say as Romans do..”

This in now my 6th consecutive post where I have talked about learnings from this game..Realised that cricket can be a great teacher and not just a game for recreation and enjoyment

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  1. Kunal says:

    Just perfect!!!!

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