On the last day…

Yet another journey has come to an end on the 1st day of the new financial year..This one was quite significant both for personal as well as professional life..This might mark the end of a quarter century long classroom education in my life (literally speaking 25 years as my birthday falls on the very next day) and pave the way for real & more challenging tests in future life..

I have already talked about my 21 learnings for life from MBA in my earlier post https://shekharlele.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/what-has-mba-taught-me-till-now/

There were quite a few things novel to me , including hostel life… There were a plethora of moments of different shades and emotions like surprise on seeing a FCQ paper of a subject for which you have not studied, joy & relief after  seeing a grade number on marksheet ( implies one has completely cleared the semester ), anxiety , disgust etc, etc..The time spent at the “chai tapris”, cafeterias & at the auditorium for important matches was priceless

I will always remember & cherish the moments I spent with close friends. But now some harsh reality (Sorry)….On the last day everyone will definitely ask every one another to stay in touch.. People do remain in contact for sometime after they pass out of college . But the bitter truth is as time passes each one gets along with his own life and the strong bonds which once existed become invisible..New bonds are formed ( perhaps lesser permanent than those formed at education level).Fortunately we have the avenue of social networking in our era through which we can easily track & keep in touch with our friends. But even there I have observed that the communication between 2 people meeting after long time generally dies down after sharing a few wall posts/ scraps & inquiring about each other’s well being…Even people working in the same city meet only occasionally & that too only in the first 1-2 years post graduation…
The bitter fact that I may be seeing quite a few of my batch mates, with whom I spent  2 complete years, perhaps for the last time in my life makes me truly sad on this special occasion..

Over & above all this, I thank my B-school for everything it gave to me in academic & especially in non academic areas..I take this occasion to say “Khali haat aaye the hum yaha, lekin Khali Haat NAHI jayenge”

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