Nothing succeeds like success…

What a moment that was at around 11:00 pm on 2nd April. Could’nt have asked for a better birthday gift…. In this post I wont be talking anything about the CWC (have already written 5-6 posts on it), but more on what our Captain said in post match presentation ceremony..

He said that he had made some tough decisions in the final. Had India lost, all the vultures would have swooped upon him demanding an explanation from him for the same. News channels would have made him & a few others ” Match Ke Mujrim”….But as they say ‘Allss well that ends well…’ India got through and the Man was praised for his bold & courageous decisions. His counterpart wasn’t so lucky though..He was blamed for selecting a player who was not in the initial squad ( & was ineffective in the final) and a few more decisions on the field. The roles would have easily shifted had the result been different…

This brings to an important observation . If someone tries something different and it pays off, he becomes the hero..”Sab khoon maaf”. However if he doesnot taste the success for whatsoever reason, he is criticized for “Being irrational”, “Taking unnecessary risks”, etc, etc..This is observed even in the corporate world. A company successful in its new venture will be lauded for being proactive..but the management of an unsuccessful one is not so lucky and comes under heavy criticism..
One must understand that there is absolutely no harm or shame in thinking about & choosing a  different but rational path. One who thinks differently should not be too much concerned about criticisms from people, especially from those those who have always played according to the rule book and never attempted anything different.

However one must realise that it is a “High Risk High Return Game”..You may enjoy unparalleled success or unnecessary failure post your bold decision..In the event of the latter possibility, one should not be afraid or ashamed of owning up and accepting responsibility. One must take pride that he atleast attempted to achieve something different from ordinary…

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