Understanding IPL Mechanics

As expected, the news channels have channelized their energies towards the biggest reality show of the country, due to start shortly. Here I will talk on takeaways from this grand reality show.

1. Law of Marginal Utility in Economics prevails

Too much of anything fails to add to the satisfaction beyond a certain point, even for something which is most sought after or enjoyed at a particular time. All of us have enjoyed the game & its frenzy for almost 6 weeks and now the general opinion is that the upcoming reality show is a little bit more than required, even for a country where cricket is treated more as a religion than as just another game

2. Short-lived & shifting loyalty

2nd April, Wankhede: The Slinga bowling to the Indian team captain..the 30000 odd crowd cheering the latter..this is about to change just a few days from now. Not many @ Wankhede cheered when Punjab beat the home team by 1 run, denying them entry in the next stage..Naturally the then captain of Punjab, the hero of the just concluded CWC was not amused….This is a great lesson for the companies…You cannot take customer loyalty for granted..Always need to be on your toes to remain in the competition.
I now recount an incident in the 2nd edition.. A fielder claimed to take a catch of one of the opposite team’s batsman  The batsman didn’t walk back immediately & asked for replays… The 2 players in question happened to be part of the same national team & had shared the same dressing room for almost a decade till then & most importantly are one of India’s most respected players..This again shows that trust & loyalty have limitations & can shift gears to suit the needs of the current demands & requirements.

3. Expect the unexpected

Just as in business, there are no permanent enemies or friends in sports. Unexpected things can happen. Who would, in his wildest dreams imagine Mr. Singh possibly hugging the “Ma-ki ” Man from Australia post victory or some good moment in a match?

4. Kal tha fakir aaj dil shehjada hai

The sight of some never heard before rookies sending the ball bowled by stalwarts of the game out of the park is another unique thing of IPL.The best part of IPL is the chance it offers to newbies  to atleast push themselves into awareness set. From their their performance determines whether they will move to consideration or choice set of the selectors.

There will be more learnings from the reality show as it progresses. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this tournament offers great enjoyment for the office goers who come home at around the time an IPL match starts. It should be thus viewed as an avenue of entertainment. The media should focus more on its entertainment value and only sufficient, appropriate  attention should be given to politics & other controversies happening behind the scenes & not run day-long programs on the same..

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