Dissecting the “War”

News channels & news papers wore a completely different look for the last 4 days..Here I will be talking on various aspects on the recently won “War on Corruption”…

Why did it turn into a mass movement ??

1. Perfect Timing

The timing of the movement was perfect (perhaps discussed & planned well in advance)..The  “Movement” happening between 2 mega events of the most widely practiced religion in the country was ensured full coverage by the news channels prior launch..Also people , just fresh from a grand historic achievement were all pumped up , pre requisite  for any event to become big..

2. Threshold of tolerance reached

Public reaction to news of corruption in recent past was similar to that of a pressure cooker..It was being subdued over & over again but once the corruption amount figures reached 12 zeros , guess it became too much to bear. Our helplessness in the face of mounting corruption by people elected by us was beginning to test our tolerance levels . The initiative was just the match stick required to lit up the fire burning among all of us..

3. Growing relevance of Online media

I have previously discussed how the online media has the potential to make the current news channels irrelevant. The huge activity on social networking sites & a few satirical websites prior & early during the movement was sufficient to stir the common man..No wonder the youth from cities took an active part in this movement, a feature conspicuously absent in all movements, even those in pre independence era

4. The right perception about the “Crusaders”

The greatest thing about the movement this time was the near absence of our political babus from the opposition..People had a positive (atleast not negative) perception about the crusaders holding the dais at the Jantar Mantar..Thus the movement never got the ugly image of a political campaign for the upcoming elections ( As a learned man has said, India is perennially into elections)

5. Crave for something different

I have already talked about this in a previous post. We all like to be involved in a change atleast once in a bluemoon, do something different from the daily routine of going to office/ college & watch any random cricket match & other TV shows in freetime..This movement was definitely something different from ordinary..

Why were its current demands met ?

The initiators were aware that if they fought against Corruption in general, they wont achieve anything. Their demands were very specific & focussed–a definite 5-6 point agenda.. This was one of the reasons why the “People’s movement” was successful, as the agitators have put it


This is definitely a million dollar question..Will this “War” go down as yet another tide which will as usual recede soon , thanks to our short lived memories and a battery of cricket series coming up over the remaining year ? Or , taking the size of public agitation in this movement into consideration , will it prove to be a tsunami and force something visible to be done ? (All governments claim to do a lot of good work , but unfortunately it remains largely invisible to the stakeholders i.e the common man) ? I can say “It depends” (read it as I donot know)…

Irrespective of its future , one thing is for sure..All of us had seen such country wide movement, candle light marches, etc in Hindi films..It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see thousands gather , each with a wishful thinking of being a part of a process aimed at setting  atleast a few plausible things right & a hope of seeing our country become somewhat different from what it is today, full of corruption at all levels. It would be thus unfair to give it a tag of “Just another cry against the insolvable problem of corruption”…Even for a cricket crazy person like me living in a cricket crazy India, it was nice to see the greatest cricketing reality show taking a back seat this time, for a definitely more relevant news…

Proud to be an Indian..!!!

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