The Social Network

Each day after I connect to the internet, the sites I visit after checking my personal & college email are 2 social networking sites & news sites in that order. With increasing use of social networking over the years, I write on my takeaways & learnings from this relatively new feature of our daily lives..

1. Discovery of mind boggling creativity

Earlier creativity was restricted to blogs, poems & comments by a selected few, who had received the tag of being highly creative..Came social networking & everyone gave vent to his hidden creativity in the form of witty 1 liners & other updates..Creativity was at its peak during criticism of the “Match Ke Mujrim” in the recently concluded grand festival of most widely practised religion in the country..
Giving an opportunity to everyone to openly express his talent is one of the key positives of social networking

2. Gender “Inequality”

Social networking sites work on lines of a search engine or a discussion forum. The most commented discussions are “On top” while the not so popular ones go off irrespective of quality of content. Known to everyone,  random & not necessarily the most intelligent status updates & photo uploads by the fairer gender are most liked & commented on (Still unable to figure out what is there to be liked in a simple photo or a status update indicating your current location or your routine day-to-day activity..) & are always on the “top”..while others, some of them good ones go unnoticed..
The general learning can be that talent is the basic criteria but you need to have something more, that X-factor to get noticed..( I have just extrapolated the earlier para into broad level learnings..please dont read too much between the lines..)

3. Tutor of a marketing guy

I will be using quite a few marketing terms here & apologies for the same…I have found quite a few areas in social networking which complement the learnings in a marketing class..
a. All social networking sites go through the Product LifeCycle (PLC) consisting of 4 stages: Initial, growth, mature, decline.. The currently most popular site seems to be in the “growing” substage of the mature stage in the PLC..

b. You need to have a USP in the changing business scenario. This explains why the world “likes” the current leader after sending the previous one to “scrap”

c. Advertising can be aimed at bringing your product in the awareness/ consideration &/or the choice set of your customers. Many simply make their friends aware of or consider their idea by simply posting it. If it is good enough it will be “on top”.. But I have observed a few trying to push their ideas into the choice set by being the first one to like or comment on the post..Pushing something which is not exactly spectacular doesnot necessarily help in keeping it in the minds of target audience, especially in the long run..

Social network has had a large effect on the lifestyles. Its role as a mass communicator cannot be underestimated especially after the its contribution towards mass awareness for the recent “War on Corruption”.. However as mentioned by numerous experts, one needs to decide on the limits of expression on social networking and ensure that they donot cross them

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