Time validity of childhood learnings

As we all progress in our lives through school life, college days & then finally our careers, sometimes we forget the basic things we learnt in schools and tend to make mistakes. Here is a list of few things in the world which could have been different, had a few basic learnings in our early life not forgotten.I have also tried to determine how much the learnings of past are relevant in modern times…

1. Ant-Grasshopper story

We all know this story and the fallacy of enjoying & spending too much in good days and not saving anything for the bad ones..During the boom times of 2006-07, many spent lavishly , borrowed beyond their capacities in U.S…. However only the “ants” managed to survive the subsequent crash of 2008…On similar lines is the proverb ” Cut your clothes according to your cloth”..The fancy I-banks took on far too much leverage than they could manage & paid the price in the end..

2. Penny wise Pound foolish

Almost all of us experience this in our day to day lives…One such example..I have seen quite a few buying expensive cell phones, whose most premium features remain unutilized. But the very same set of people refrain from spending a rupee on a SMS on special days like the New year, festivals, etc on which their daily SMS/call rates are not applicable..

3. People living in glass houses should not throw stones at others

The opposition while criticizing the government should know that its own governance standards, ethics, administrative policies may be equally pathetic, if not worse

4. Jack of all trades, master of one

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this proverb finds itself in the midst of the modern day debate on what is better, being a specialist or being a generalist…Well that “depends”..One generally move from a specialist to a more generalist role as he moves up the ladder..

5. Nothing succeeds like success..

I have talked about this in my earlier post Nothing succeeds like success/ where I mentioned how winners are always acknowledged for their courage & losers are criticized after their courage doesnot pay off..

The learning for all of us is that we will continue to acquire more sophisticated knowledge as we grow up, but we should never forget the simple basic things we learnt at the school level as many of them are time independent and will continue to find relevance in our lives.

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