Dissecting the “Wars”- Part 2

This is in continuation to my previous article on “War on Corruption”. Here I will be presenting my views on the recent happenings in connection with the fights against corruption.

1. Throwing your hat in the ring

Seeing the first edition of War on corruption gain some recognition, a second war was initiated on similar lines, to protest on a different yet a serious issue. The two wars seem to be working in tandem with regards to fighting against their common enemy..What will be the ultimate fate of both these 2 wars remains to be seen..In the meantime it wont be a surprise if some other crusader also throws his hat in the ring in the war on corruption

2. Making  a hero out of your “enemy”

The worst thing one can do in a war is to bring your opponent in the limelight thorough your own irrational actions. The Fast no 2 did not have backing from the crusaders of Fast no 1 nor from the educated class in general. Yet the Government through its unexplainable actions at the crusaders’ place of protest made a hero out of the 2nd crusader and pushed itself further back on the scale of trust factor, in the minds of the public

3. Where is the leader?

One distinct feature of any successful team is the dynamicity of its leader. The seemingly relentlessness of the leader of the agitators in connection with the power of the bill is noteworthy .On the other hand, the leader of the defending government party may himself be a person of utmost integrity, but his conspicuous silence on the whole issue has raised more than just a few eyebrows. A leader cannot play “hide & seek” with the people who elected him & his party to power. He cannot ask the party secretary & a selected few to do all the talking & criticizing stuff, while himself opting to play the silence card. The leader needs to stand up tall & speak up on the issue to assure the general public of his “noble intentions” as put by the spokesperson of the government..

I have heard many say that the agitation(s) are just a tide that will recede soon & life will go on smoothly for the corrupt sooner or later. Agreed that the fate of the wars is uncertain, but as I had said in my previous article, the attempt of the crusaders to bring about a change in the country drowned in corruption cannot be belittled. They have definitely caused the government to do some thinking. In my opinion the government now needs a brand manager to help restore its image hurt by these “Wars against Corruption”

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