On the cricket religion of India

After dedicating almost a quarter of my posts for the gentleman’s game, I now write on the latest happenings in this very popular religion of the country..

1. Irony of the DRS..

I had earlier talked about the harm of selective use of technology in the World cup Tentative push is bad. The super body of cricket is complaining about umpire’s fallacies in the decision making, but at the same time is unwilling to even talk about the technology aid to improve the accuracy of the final decision. It is similar to complaining about traffic jams but opposing construction of flyovers aimed at reducing them to some extent..

2. Demolish the opponent, if you are at the top

Recent revelations from a former IPL chief say that the super body ensured that a rival cricket league was dismissed even before it could make a name in the international arena..Now, the former chief, who was instrumental in this act finds himself on the other side and the super body is now hell bent to dismiss another league connected with him..This also tells us that there are no permanent friends or enemies in life..

3. No takers for a second rung team

For the first time I met numerous people who hadn’t watched even a single delivery in the ongoing cricket series ..The visiting team was first written off by the media & the public..But surprisingly its victory was also written off as owing to a weak opposition..This tells us that we all want to watch only the champions in action..A “young” team fails to arouse excitement, even though it is still playing for the same country which won the World Cup.

4. A thin line between good players & the champions

The victory margin for India in the first test was 60 odd runs , not much for a test match. The weak opposition played OK, but somehow India, now a champion in this game managed to edge past it. Also the wall proved once again why form is temporary & class is permanent..

This is the beauty of the gentleman’s game. No matter how much you talk about it, it always manages to bring something new..As I have mentioned before, there are only 2 things which are common throughout India, Corruption & Cricket..It can always be a good starting point of talk to break the ice..

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