Curious cases at Wimbledon

Here I would be talking about some interesting events witnessed by tennis over the past couple of years & especially by the ongoing Wimbledon tournament

1.  Wobbling women tennis

In any organization, succession planning is one of the key activities. Men tennis seems to have diligently adopted the practice, with one legend taking centre stage when the previous one gets into twilight of his career. The scenes in women tennis are a complete contrast , with the legends of Steffi Graf & Navratilova not succeeded by anyone who can be particularly termed a “legend” (Williams sisters are great but their performances have been marred by injuries more often than not in the recent past). The scenario of first two seeds going to women who have not yet won grand slam tiles is not a very pleasant site, especially in the face of the achievements of the top trio in men tennis. We are already in the second week of Wimbledon, but no one in the women category has looked particularly ominous with the finalists of the French Open already back home.

2. A Legend meets another …..legend?

The front page of newspaper carried a picture of 2 sportsmen meeting each other at Wimbledon..One was our very own master blaster & the other was a player currently seeded number 3.. The question I ask to all those who had written off Roger is why would the batting legend seek to meet the player who is now the 3rd best in the world? Possible answers are previous acquaintances between them &/or fact that Federer has won the tournament more than most others, living or dead. But this brings us to an important insight…A sportsperson may not be the most dominating player at any one point of time, but his legendary achievements of the past are good enough to garner respect of others & generate news for quite some time, atleast till a new legend has completely established his identity..

3.  What happens in the 3rd set??

2 days back we saw a match between the defending champion & an unknown player…The first 2 sets went down the wire, with the rookie going down fighting valiantly with the champion in both…The third set was a complete contrast with the newbie managing to win only a handful of points & going down 6-0..My question to such talented players is why give up after fighting so hard in the first 2 sets..Why insult your own talent by surrendering meekly to the inevitable defeat in the remaining set(s)…Giving the champion a run for his money will only do good to their confidence & ranking.

These are a few observations I intended to write about the glorious game of tennis & more importantly in its ongoing glorious tournament called Wimbledon…

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