Fallacy of band-aid solutions

Here I would like to talk about the shortcomings of quick fix solutions being recently implemented across various fields in sports as well as in the administration of the country


1. Cricket:

Some makeup has been applied to the ODI format by bringing in some inconsequential changes such as removal of a runner, specification of range of overs available for powerplays, etc…The cricket body hopes that the 50 over format will be able to arouse more interest through such tweaks. Instead of repainting the walls, the cricket body should have looked at strengthening the foundation wall of cricket by helping it spread to nations which haven’t even heard of cricket.
I have already written about the irony of the DRS in my last post on cricket… The adoption of DRS in its current form is again a short term compromise solution from the virtual cricket head to appease the real cricket head, before the upcoming series with England. The uncertainty surrounding the DRS is unlikely to get reduced by this patch work. What is really needed is a set unambiguous rules covering all possible scenarios & more importantly defined & agreed upon once & for all. This will ensure uniformity in all decisions, just as in tennis

2. Badminton

The ruling body asked the women to wear skirts to help increase the general level of interest in the game. Although the rule is now reverted, the thinking from the authorities is clear. They will not do anything significant to promote the game in a country dominated by cricket viewership, followed by that for football & tennis. Although I donot defend the absolute rule of cricket in India, the question I ask in the face of such short sighted management is whether cricket is solely responsible for insignificant growth of other sports in the country? Have the other sports bodies done enough to take their sports to higher levels, before putting the blame on cricket?

3. Sacking a coach after a defeat /exit from a tournament is another short term quick fix which is followed by many football teams all over the world. A complete introspection may reveal that the coach may not be the real culprit behind the loss.

4. A formula 1 team, after a non illustrious season has decided to spend millions for a complete overhaul of its technical structure. This looks to be a good approach, aimed at strong performances in the future rather than a few costly technical fixes just to keep the head above the water in the current season..


The bailout of US “Too big to fail” firms was in my opinion a band-aid solution. No real efforts were made in the direction of overhauling the entire financial system to make it more resistant to any financial shocks. As though the 2008 US crisis was not a sufficient wake up call, Europe now finds itself in similar debt situations & this time we are talking not about individual firms but countries as a whole.

Administration of the country:

After Mumbai gets water logged in the first heavy rains of the season every year, the concerned administration clears the drains, fills up the potholes created, etc among other things. But the city has yet to witness a comprehensive planning by the administration to better face the monsoon ..Result is each year the problems accompanying the heavy rains continue to plague the city….
Nowadays a series of big shots are cooling their heels in Tihar prison due to the dreadful two characters “2G”. Again, arresting individuals (possibly for a short duration) is again not the solution to reduce the rot in the system. The entire system from top to the bottom needs to be flushed to remove the weeds before they become trees of corruption. Unfortunately, there is a question of willingness rather than ability when it comes to reducing the alarming levels of corruption flourishing in our country…

These are a few instances which tell us that while looking at immediate remedies, we should also look at long-term, perhaps painstaking solutions to remove the problem from the root cause, be it in our personal or professional lives…

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