Absolute nonsense please..!!!

After writing more than 40 articles on sports,politics,social networking and latest news in general, I now intend to focus on several issues faced by us in our daily lives, & which defy common sense, rationality & logic..The title of the post is dedicated to one of my professors who used to say it everytime after hearing out some irrational answers from his students for his questions….

1. The “online” admission process.

The state government of my state, has introduced the online version of the admission process for 12th, UG , to make it more effective & less cumbersome…Unfortunately the problems have remained, if not multiplied..The online admission process is really not Online..It simply replaces the manual filling of required fields on hard copy form with entering them on online form..The candidate still needs to take printouts, stand in long serpentine queues for numerous signatures, verification, etc prior to declaration of merit lists.He is really lucky if he manages to complete the process in 1 outing. The  common “Internet not working today..Come again another day” expression from the government employees to the students , mentally & physically exhausted after running from 1 place to another &  standing in queues, is a story for some other day.

I suggest that the preliminary merit list should be displayed only on the basis of online form submitted by the candidate..If at the time of confirmation of admission, the candidate doesnot have required documents , hold up his seat &/or proceed to the next candidate in the waiting list..Why stand “inline” twice when “online” can easily eliminate one of them.

2. Government Institutions..

If a person intends to change his personal details  like address, maiden name (legally) on all official documents, he must be ready to face a real challenge. All the 7-8 concerned institutions of Government of India, work independently of each other, with the person required to visit the office of each & every institution separately ( If he is really lucky, 2-3 visits will be sufficient for each office). A provision of changing the details just a minimum number of times & that getting reflected in the seamlessly integrated databases of all concerned institutions , would have made much more sense..
There is a real story , which wins all battles of nonsense..A gentleman once paid a visit to the passport office for a change in address. He was asked to submit the proof of his previous address, verified by any government authority. He produced a copy of his current passport, issued by the Republic of India..The address proof on the passport was rejected & termed “not acceptable” by the passport office & he was asked to produce some other document issued by some other government institution..

The problem generally arises because even after a person’s identity is established beyond doubt, the concerned authorities tend to stick to the exact guidelines mentioned in the brochure..(unfortunately the guidelines are themselves unambiguous and open to multiple interpretations by different stakeholders). The government has definitely not exploited the title of my blog, “Power of Simplicity” in its procedures for admissions to educational institutions, application to various identity documents..

We are not sure whether we can reduce the corruption levels in the country as they are not visible..But the above mentioned procedures can be definitely made more simple, logical & hassle free to bring about a visible difference to the lives of the common man..

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