The (not) Bold & (not) Beautiful

After (un)justifying Silence & Speeches of the responsible, I will now analyse a few happenings in the world around us and try to classify them according to their perceived impact & effectiveness

Neither Bold nor Beautiful

Ineffective & unconvincing
Without any firepower

E.g. Government response to allegations of corruption

Bold but not beautiful

Making a strong statement
Effective but controversial

E.g. The recent “I hate you…like I love you” film

Beautiful but not bold

Non controversial but ineffective
Playing it safe

E.g. India’s series win over West Indies

Bold & beautiful

Effective & non controversial
Most popular

E.g. Satirical websites full of “fake” news

It is always better to be in the right side of the matrix. The concerned event may stir controversy (in some cases just to gain popularity) but if it aptly reflects the changing perception & lifestyle of its audience & is able to create a strong effect, then in my opinion the concept & the courage behind it need to be given due respect. The “bold” movie released recently gives a completely different turn to Indian cinema but in my opinion does reflect the changing attitude & communication styles of the youth. The satirical website has easily won all awards in creativity while making a mockery of the apathy of the government of this country. If such “bold” remain within their limits of decency, my vote does go to such “game changers”

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2 Responses to The (not) Bold & (not) Beautiful

  1. sarah says:

    hey! that a very different way of making a point..liked it! and somehow i too share the same view as urs 🙂

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