A Wednesday & A Thursday

I had never imagined that my 50th post would be on a sad note..I write this at the time when my beloved city has yet again come under attack & innocent people, as usual have been victimised…

The Wednesday

Enough has been written about the ridiculous verbal responses of the Government towards the heinous act.. While the government claims to stop 99 % of all such acts ( I am a fan of cricket & always considered 99 a bad number), I will talk about the Government response & relief activities done after the actual occurrence of the event..The scenes were not cordoned off immediately, with “VIPs” visiting the scene, adding to the trouble.. ( we actually got to see some of them for the 1st time in their constituency)..The injured were carried off to the (poorly managed, government-run ) hospitals, as if the victims had already expired…My question to the Government is that if according to them the “1%” will pass through, then is it impossible for them to improve their disaster management mechanisms by at least 1% , so as to at least not add to the miseries of the common man ?? Can nothing be learnt from the past ?

The Thursday 

The government asked the maximum city to stay calm & the media praised it for its resilience..I, like millions of Mumbai dwellers ask them to give us just one different option & we will accept it with both hands..There was apprehension but The Thursday had to be lived like any other thursday..yes there were discussions but they all died down into depressed faces of helplessness..We know we cant do anything..There are some who DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING..life will go on as usual for the “All mighty politicians”..After some shouting & agitation, the media will be back to masala news of someone’s swayamvar, someone’s baby, someone’s tantrums on the film sets, etc..
….The tide will recede soon..till……?????

I have always said that social networking can play a much bigger role than just timepass activities….It did its part on Wednesday when the network of major mobile companies went into hibernation mode..On Thursday it also helped a million common men to atleast give vent to  their frustration & anger against the “All mighty” rulers , ironically elected by the same million common men.

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2 Responses to A Wednesday & A Thursday

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    We live in a helpless country Shekhar…. Hope all your near and dears are fine.

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