Return of The King

Generally in any field, the torch bearer changes & the numero uno position sees a different name over time. The glory of the champion fades away only to be replaced by that of another.

But in some instances the former champion, much to everyone’s surprise, makes a grand comeback to be crowned the King all over again. I wish to talk of such greats & what makes them so special.


The religion of cricket in India had hit a low in 2007, with the “so called “experts urging the little master to hang up his boots. He decided to carry on & rest is as they say history. Some great sportsmen haven’t got back though. The golfer once, with the zeal of a tiger & the Formula 1 driver who smashed all records, now are struggling to cling onto their passion. Same is the case with the Caribbean cricket team

We now wait to see whether the Swiss great or the Spanish King of clay return to the top position in men tennis…

Social Networking

The company which got almost everything right in the last decade just couldn’t manage to dominate this space, after its creation was sent to “scrap”. Its new toy “+” its integration abilities, is looked at as a serious contender for the top spot in social media & the search giant is quite likely to become king all over again..

Corporate World

The #1 firm in Indian IT space always played second fiddle to its biggest competitor, as far as the liking of analysts was concerned. But over the last 6-7 quarters it has managed to outperform & is now looked at as the torch bearer for this industry.

So, the question is why only some of the champions make a comeback while others fade with the passage of time? It may be change in style in case of individuals or change of leadership for corporate. The passion & the hunger in them are not satisfied. But as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the great sportsmen need to know the time to hang up their boots; else they become victims of unfortunate & unnecessary mockery. Also the so called experts, shouldn’t be too hasty in writing off the career of the greats/ performance of top firms, who may be down for a while; else these experts & analysts may inturn become a laughing stock themselves when the King returns to the Top..

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