Curious cases of captains

Another season of quarterly results announcements is underway & as always it is kabhi khushi …kabhi gham….Here I would like to classify a few companies as per their performance over the last few quarters vis-à-vis the presence or the absence of their charismatic founder…

Captain is gone…Ship is in troubled waters…

This is what has happened to the company which opened a Window for the world to usher in technological growth…With the captain having left the ship, the Gates have been opened for some others to become pioneers & the torch bearers of innovation in this industry.
Back home, the #2 IT firm, once the darling of Dalal street seems to have somewhat lost its way in its quest to become a global giant, once its Simple living –High Thinking founder left the field..

Captain is still there..yet the ship is in troubled waters..

The status of the #3 Indian IT firm is somewhat similar to its bigger competitor, yet the surprising thing to note is the charismatic captain is still very much present. Somehow, , his presence hasn’t quite managed to push his darling car into a higher gear of growth over the last couple of years..

Aye Aye Captain ..

There is a guy who has done a great Job, ever since he has returned to take care of his toy & has now pushed it to numero uno position in innovation & market capitalization of technology sector.
Another case: One of the college dropouts has again taken the driver’s seat and is maneuvering the Engine quite well since then..

Take a bow, Vice Captain..

Some of the leading industrial houses in the country were founded by legends; but the point to note is their successors have ensured that the flame of the baton continues to shine bright..

Thus there are multiple instances which illustrate that performance of companies may or may not be affected by presence or absence of the person who once sowed their seeds..The leader needs to change himself & his company to ensure that always remain the Captain Courageous for their tenure & also ensure that his successors have it in them to continue playing a captain’s innings for further many more matches to come…

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