The Power of Relativity

Relativity is an interesting subject area. No one has received formal education i.e no one has studied Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in school but everyone experiences it & its effects in everyday life. I will talk about some of its manifestations in some of the recent events happening around us..


Suppose tomorrow you read in newspapers that an M.P is involved in a scam of 10 crores…You may not even read the news in details…10 crores hardly matter these days when the Government is capable of making scams running into lakhs of crores.We are used to seeing such big figures for scams. Our mind will tend to bypass the fact that on an absolute scale 10 crores translate into lifelong earnings of around 20-25 middle class households, ironically who are the very ones to elect these scamsters to power…

On similar lines, I have heard many say that the current Prime Minister is the best candidate to lead the country in the current scenario, given the notorious history of some others & conveniently ignoring some of the not-so-great things done by the person in question himself. It is like Andhon mein kaana Raja


The captain with the Midas touch said he was happy with the efforts of the team despite being made peasants at the Lords..Ofcourse , he will be , considering  our past performance  in overseas tours: Batsman hopping & hobbling around while handling short pitched stuff, the inability of our slow-medium pacers to extract maximum out of bowler friendly wickets & the inability of the team to survive for even 5 complete days of the match…Compared to such not so uncommon sights in the past , India definitely did Relatively much better this time around..

Same is the case with the cheering for the recent performances of the Formula 1 team which includes our country’s name in its’ nomenclature:  Just 1 driver finishing in among the point scorers is enough for the owner of this underperforming team to post the happy news on the 140 character scribbling pad

Corporate World

In the ongoing earnings season, the performance of some biggies has not been upto the mark..But as compared to that of other players in the sector & that of its own past performance , the current one has stood out..The marketing guys have done enough to make us believe in the greatness of the numbers reported.

It is true that in many cases, all that matters is your relative positioning in your group; the story goes– 2 friends are caught in a forest and suddenly a seemingly hungry tiger comes in front of them. None of them can run faster than the beast; The only objective is to run faster than the other friend..But there are instances where the absolute performance also matters & the relatively good performance should not overshadow it. The need to introspect the not upto the mark absolute performance cannot be done away with or hidden in such cases…The true colours should not be hidden…

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