Yes, You Can…

Post every event in politics or general administration of the country, much is discussed & written about the ideal way of dealing with them..However many of these solutions seem too idealistic in nature or improbable to be followed or implemented in near future..Here, I would be talking about various ways which are simple & CAN ACTUALLY be implemented by various persons at individual levels…


Politicians’ reactions post any scam or unfortunate event are quite often amusing & infact “noteworthy” for their creativeness..As a result these politicians become quite (un)popular  on social networking sites with everyone giving vent to their creativity while mocking them. My advice to the babus is that if they cannot prevent the “1%” unfortunate events or the “99%” scams that go through, atleast donot indulge in  senseless talking & avoid personal mockery. Learn the “power of silence” from the leader..( Criticism for being silent is always better than that for ridiculous talk).
Ideally speaking, the babus should do a lot more for the country and not just refrain from talking bullshit..but as I said that is still a distant dream..

Government Officials:

As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts Absolute Nonsense Please, a few basic things such as making the procedures for admission to educational institutions , application for various official documents can be made simpler & more logical..
Also as mentioned in A Wednesday & A Thursday, the relief efforts post any unfortunate event can be improved & made more co-ordinated to lessen the pain & agony of the victims..This will definitely make things better in 99% of the “1%” events which could pass through..They can learn something from the past and make their disaster management force actually look like one..


1. Before criticizing the civic authorities for failing to maintain hygienic conditions, ensure that you always put the garbage in the allocated can which may be located 50-100 metres away from where you are standing, and not at any place of your liking. The execution of laws in the country is not strong enough to penalise you for dirtying public places, but then you lose the right to blame the Municipal corporation for not keeping the city clean enough..

2. On a more serious note, keep your eyes & ears open to decrease the probability of any unfortunate event taking place..Also one can actually provide assistance instead of just watching news of the dreadful event..The government will do what it can (being hopeful here), but each one of us should do what we can in our capacity..

I have had a few arguments with optimistic & idealistic people  who envision Corrupt Free -Well Managed India and propose quite a few solutions that appear very charming on paper. Everyone dreams of such a country..But each one of knows at back of his mind that it is seemingly difficult to achieve such India , given the current corruption-ridden scenario. I feel the ideas  mentioned by me in the preceding paragraphs do not really require the concerned to go the extra mile but can actually go a long way in making matters  a little better..

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