An opportunity missed..

Last couple of weeks saw a few events in political circus & in the widely practised religion of the country, wherein a few missed on golden opportunities thrown at them to make a mark for themselves..

The Minesweeper tamasha

The state of Karnataka witnessed quite a few amusing events related to illegal mining..The point to note is the inexplicable & infact jocular way of handling of events by the national opposition party.. The ruling party’s reputation is currently at its nadir, with cases of corruption followed by senseless talking by party secretaries & conspicuous silence of the leader becoming the order of the day..The current scenario in Karnataka had infact given the opposition a golden opportunity to prove to the country that it has some teeth left & it is marginally better than the ruling party in handling corruption by its party members..But what followed is inexplicable dragging of feet by the leadership in the entire event. The country is now convinced that the opposition is as bad & spineless as the ruling party, if not worse…

Uncle Sam’s problems a plenty

Who would have thought that the world’s most powerful person would have to spend sleepless nights. With the apple having more juice than the all mighty US government, he had an opportunity to make some bold decisions to get his nation & his dipping popularity ratings back on track; instead some band-aid solutions have been applied to just delay the crisis which will surely become someone else’s headache in the near future..

The Forgettable British Safari

Yet another overseas tour, same old story..batsman hopping & hobbling around fast swinging pace, opposition’s tailenders clobbering our bowlers all round the park & India Gone in 60 seconds...Here an instance of a missed opportunity was that by an anonymous opening batsman..He barely survived a King Pair in the last test match & hardly managed to trouble the scores even in the first match..Such a performance coupled with the fact that the strong, well established openers’ duo is due to return to the team shortly diminishes the possibility of he getting another opportunity, atleast in the near future..

One lesson for all of us through these instances: We may not get many golden opportunities at various stages; but whenever we do get them, we need to grasp them with both hands & attempt to make the most of them..

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