Dealing with change

As they say, only thing that remains constant is change..Over the last couple of weeks, different entities have experienced different types of change & have reacted or not reacted to it in different manners…

Changed its positioning

There is a leading food chain whose Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the choice it gives to its customers to choose the ingredients & actually see the making of their food order..The other day I saw the food chain’s advertisement in newspapers wherein it talked about its free home delivery service.. This is actually in contrast to its well known selling proposition..The ever increasing competition & their free home delivery service has forced the chain to change & compromise on its USP..

Trying to change..but struggling

The biggest news in the technology sector last week was the change in rankings with the US based company shooting to the #3 position. The India-based , now #4  firm, taking cognizance of this fact is undergoing a painful “restructuring” exercise. But the loss of confidence in the Dalal street over its ability to get back among the star performers,  coupled with the exit of top level executives is definitely not helping its cause.

Not changing , & possibly hurting itself

Recently the government increased the excise duty on cigarettes and the stock of the its leading manufacturer immediately took a beating. Although the firm is into many other product lines, it is still perceived as a manufacturer of mainly cigarettes & hence the reaction on stock price. The firm, through its marketing strategies needs to project its image as a multi-product manufacturer, with cigars being just one of many strong product lines.

Some things never change…

And finally come our dear politicians..the reaction of common men against the mega corruption practised in our country is increasing day by day..still there is absolutely no change in the government response –The leader still conspicuous by his pin drop silence; Party secretaries & a selected few still uttering senseless & comical bullshit..& the common people still suffering at the hands of these babus, ironically elected by the same common people…Perhaps these babus know nothing is going to happen to them even if they donot change…

Reaction to change depends upon the nature & impact of the change and the then prevailing situation. For this, we need to understand the possible short & long term effects of our chosen reaction to it as well , & not just react momentarily after the change happens.The focus should be on implementing long term remedy & not just band-aid solutions while dealing with change..

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