(Un)wanted Visitors..

The term “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is GOD) is well known to all of us Indians..But recently, some of the country’s visitors have proved to be either been worthless or potentially quite dangerous. On the contrary, Indians, on their part  have been very good visitors for some of the hosts abroad..Lets talk about some of these “exclusive” visits..

How did they come ??

The city of dreams attracts many aspirants from different walks of life..It has now started attracting non living objects as well..Recently,  vague ships have started making a beeline towards the shores of the maximum city. The so-called 3-tier naval security is clueless about many things : How did these visitors enter ? Why did they enter? Why could no one see them entering ? & the most important ones : What to do with these ships? How to control the marine damage caused by them?  &  How to keep the crowd gathered in large numbers to catch a glimpse of their unexpected guests, away from them..???  All that the authorities have managed to do is to elude the concerns & security risks posed by the obstacle-free & frequent entry of such visitor ships into the shores of the financial capital of the country..

Why did she come ??

Since ages, the talks between the foreign ministry of the 2 neighbours have never been friendly, with the newspapers & channels generally reporting only about the hostility during these meets..The picture was quite different though this time.. Focus was not on the foreign policies’ talks..Rather the talk of the town was on personal traits & characteristics of the principal visitor..Although many might have enjoyed the “page 3 ” type news this time, the question remains is what was the purpose behind her visit to our country ? At the end, on the face of it, there seemed to be more to the visit’s purpose than just a round of dialogue…

Thanks for coming…do visit us again..

I am sure this is what the Britishers will say to the touring Indian team post completion of the itinerary..Seeing the home team beat the “so-called great” team must be a pleasurable sight & I am sure the spectators must be hoping for a few more “fruitful” visits from the Indian team in the coming future…

Thus the visitors can be very helpful or they can be a nuisance to be asked ” Atithi tum kab jaoge” or in worst case scenario a threat to the host as well.. For the last 2 cases, we, as hosts should be able to prevent such visits in the very first place &/or be prepared to minimize the nuisance or damage caused at a later stage by such non-beneficial & unwanted visits …

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