And they had a great fall…

Amidst the normal news of corruption seesaw between the Government & the opposition, the world also witnessed a few events wherein the great giants of 1 time fell off from their past glory to enter into dark periods of uncertainty & instability…

End to Uncle Sam’s sparkling report card

I have always viewed credit rating agencies with suspicion. So, when a US-based agency downgrades its own country’s rating, one can safely assume that things must be actually terribly bad…The effect of the downgrade is already visible in the stock markets all over the world; yes, our Finance Minister has said that it will not affect India much, but who believes our Government babus these days???

Answers to questions such as “How & when will the world recover?”, “When will the US get its ratings back?” etc will emerge eventually. But the point to note is that the awe & recognition which the world had for the dominance of the “Self proclaimed guardian of the world ” has certainly taken a beating. A few other nations, especially in the emerging markets are now looked as the giants in the not-so-far future. The nation which has, since ages, enjoyed a pseudo chairman’s role in all sorts of matters happening in any part of the world may see its unwritten veto power reduce, post this “Double –dip recession”

Indian Cricket: Sab golmaal hain…

Murphy’s law: “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” seems to be prevailing in the current scenario of cricket religion in the country.

First, there are only 3 types of players in the team currently—1. Those who are completely out of form     2.Those who have suffered “unlucky” injuries     3. The Wall, who is relied upon for almost everything… The fact that the Wall had to be brought in to play in a format where there should be flow of runs & not walls, tells us the true state of this numero uno team…

Second, the marketing & PR guys have realized that they have tough completion from a couple of veteran cricketers, one of them being a batting legend & a perceived gentleman. The country has been witnessing enough controversies & scams from politicians at all levels…Seeing a couple of respected gentlemen joining the party is really unfortunate

Last, the financial giant cricket body has topped the list of wealthy & powerful people not paying appropriate amounts of taxes. Its declaration that the players have earned Zero income through IPL, is a rude joke on the countless hard working individuals who diligently pay their taxes to the worthless government.

All these incidents have reduced the all mighty cricket giant to just another business entity who is only interested in profits & nothing for the betterment of the game.

As I have mentioned in An Opportunity Missed, these giants had golden opportunities to bring their boat back into calm waters from stormy seas. Instead, their choice of applying band-aid solutions & delaying the long term healing solutions have put a question mark on the ability of giants to continue to lead & remain as guardians of their respective fields..

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