Look at the other side..

Any event is generally looked at just from 1 point of view, by various individuals depending upon their positions & subsequently form perceptions, either positive or negative about such events, without considering the possible side effects… Here I would like to talk about the “other side ” of some of the most popular events that have taken place in the recent past..

All is not always well…

‘ Hazaar ‘ side effects

In the first 2 editions of  Dissecting the “War”, I had talked quite highly about the efforts of the “crusaders” to attempt to do bring about some change in the corruption ridden country. Here I will take a different angle. The day after the (ill)famous arrest, the drivers of the lifeline of the Maximum city i.e. the Public transport system, threw their hat in the “protest”. Result: ‘Hazaaron’ commuters, already irritated with the daily traffic & crowd , experienced unprecedented traffic on the roads, crowded trains, delays & greater sufferings in general. THIS  ENHANCED, UNDESERVED SUFFERING OF THE COMMON MEN WAS VISIBLE NEITHER TO THE CRUSADERS FIGHTING AGAINST CORRUPTION NOR THE GOVERNMENT DROWNED IN CORRUPTION…But as the proverb in Hindi goes–‘Kuch Paane ke liye kuch khona padega’..( You need to lose something to gain something), hope that the results of the “War” are positive enough to outweigh these side-effects…

Winning can hurt at times..

I am sure the Indian team has realised it. The grand victory sealed off by that mammoth six from the Man with the Midas touch had heightened the expectations from the team. The side-effects: More criticism & Mockery for the team for its recent bad performances than it would have received for bad show at any other normal time not preceded by any spectacular victory…

Now time for some positive side effects of a few wrong ones..

Bad & Ugly can be good as well

Kal than fakir aaj dil shahzada hain..

Quite a few of us are critical of the reality shows like IPL, dance-singing shows & the daily soap operas..But all of these have managed to open the doors of opportunities to numerous unheard rookies to showcase their talents & increase their chances to be considered for bigger roles..Earlier such opportunities were very hard to come by & reserved only for a selected few..Things are better now for amateurs ,thanks to these (ill)famous & generally controversy ridden events..

The contribution from the “elite class” 

No post dealing with recent happenings is complete without the mention of our babus…The politicians through their ridiculous statements on any issue affecting them have managed to evoke the hidden creativity in all of us , which we have amply expressed through  the mockery & criticism of these babus , in the social media space..

The other side may not outweigh the popular side or perception , but the lesson for all of us is that we need to take every angle/side into consideration in order to arrive at a more complete & realistic perception of people or organisations & hence take better, more informed decisions & actions….

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