The week that was….

What a remarkable month it was this August..!!. Here, I will attempt to take different routes to talk on the events that took place in this quite unique month..

A perfect Hindi film story..

This time the “War on Corruption” had the script of a perfect Hindi film; The hero is captured by the villain—>The hero retaliates–>The villain tries his best to go one up on the hero–> Common men join the battle along with the hero–> There is a lakha in the “Bhuvan’s team” who allegedly tries to back-stab the hero –> The hero’s time is running out–> The villain is gaining ground fast–> Good men intensify the fight–>The villain succumbs to the might of the good men–> The villain is vanquished..The Tricolor is unfurled all over the country…& All’s well that ends well..But The hero doesn’t stop here..He says the fight is  not over & vows to continue to fight against all the bad elements in the future……A perfect plot for our Bollywood films…...
As I had mentioned in my earlier posts on this topic of protest against corruption; Irrespective of who is right or wrong & irrespective of the final outcome, one thing’s for sure: The country did witness an unprecedented mass movement never seen for the last 6 decades…The fact that people did something different apart from their daily routine & ” It wont change anything. Life will go on as usual for me” thinking,  is definitely not discouraging.

When 2 persons fight, the 3rd one gains..

Here the 3rd one was our dear cricket team & especially its leader with(out) the Midas touch..The turn of events of late in our country were possibly so strong that,  possibly to the much relief of our team, people didn’t pay much attention to the “dark days” in the most widely practised religion of the country..The relief might be short-lived though, with the War back at home now supposedly won & done & dusted with , but our cricket team still being filled up with injured warriors before their upcoming wars.

Dare not touch the King..

“Round one goes to the cricket body” read the headlines yesterday. The supreme body of cricket has, atleast in the initial stages, managed to keep the doors closed to interference of any sort in its  orgainsational working . Perhaps it has taken a leaf out of the recently concluded protest & chalked out ways to nip any challenge to its supremacy in the bud itself..

There is a low possibility of having another eventful week like this soon...As I said, irrespective of the consequences, the various events that took part in it such as people waiving the tricolor all over the country  for some event apart from the normal ones like victory in cricket , the gentleman’s game itself taking a backseat in this cricket crazy nation, will surely be remembered for their uniqueness & novelty.

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