Rise & Fall of superheroes

Over the past few days, quite a few events have turned up wherein the widely perceived superheroes have lost their charm while some others have turned from hero to zero & back to hero in no time.

The Fall

‘Anna’ther rising loses steam.
The War on Corruption was supposed to lay foundation for a relatively corrupt free India & ignite the youth in their quest to punish the ones who have been draining India of its wealth. But with the Government playing guerrilla warfare & bringing about split within & discredit to the core members, it appears that the perceived tsunami was nothing but a normal high tide which will recede soon & life will return to normalcy for the corrupt.

So much publicity for a video game ???
This is the question which is being asked by everyone who (un)fortunately got an opportunity to witness one of the costliest & self proclaimed greatest films of Indian cinema. As I have mentioned in Indian films & their problems/, the audiences have watched all sorts of Hollywood movies over the years & hence Indians films which are not original but just a bhelpuri mix of all action flicks from the West maynot find may takers. The “superhero” film may break all records in terms of  revenue collection , but the lead character may not be able to cement his place as a super-action ,powerful hero in the minds of the audiences post the euphoria surrounding the film. He may not be ‘One’ in this category.

The Rise – Fall- Rise

I had talked about our short term memory loss in one of my earlier posts. Fans forgot about the World Cup glory & ridiculed the Captain Courageous & his team after the disastrous show in the British land. Now , suddenly the Man seems to have got his Midas touch back. Everyone ( those few who saw or cared about the current “revenge” series) is praising the leader for his heroics. The good seems to have prevailed over the evil !!! The superhero is back among us , maybe till the next series overseas.

In the first & the third instances, the person was made a superhero by the masses for his deeds while in the second we were forced to believe so  by the lead character through nonstop publicity. No matter how the hero becomes a  superhero, the fact remains that his uplifted position is accompanied by huge expectations. If he doesn’t live upto that levels of  expectation, for whatever reason , he is bound to descend in the minds of people, perhaps to be replaced by another superhero.

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