Problem of oversupply

Everyone who has had a lesson in economics clearly remembers the demand supply curves. When supply exceeds the demand the price falls & viceversa. In this post I will talk of a few instances where supply exceeding demand has affected the respective fields & their popularity.

Far too many games for the gentlemen.

Nearly empty stands & conspicuous absence of excitement of any sort  for the ODIs & T20s during the recently concluded “Revenge series” were something which wouldn’t have amused the various stakeholders of the matches. Cricket is a sport & is needed in general for entertainment & enjoyment. The number of matches these days far exceeds than those required to meet this need .Their supply is far more than their demand..As a result it seems that India’s most widely practised religion is dragged into a self destruction mode by its guardians by keeping  a match almost every  single day. There is a need to decelerate the pace at which matches are being held so that the beautiful game once again wins the excitement it has managed to generate over so many years.

Grad ?? Post Grad ?? So what ????

A SMS once read ” If you throw a stone in street of Pune or Banglore , it would either hit a dog…or an engineer…” Far too many technological institutes  have sprung up all over India so much so that the number of seats is actually exceeding the number of applicants. Same thing could happen with management & other post graduate courses in a couple of years. As a result many of the once sought degrees have been reduced to just another basic requirement for further studies. However the unfortunate part is that despite India producing so many engineers, commerce graduates, MBAs, our global competitiveness is still conspicuously low. The need of the hour is not to build up more institutes but to improve the quality of education so that we can compete with our counterparts from other countries.

As mentioned in economics, the 2 curves meet at a point of equilibrium which determines the correct price. Similarly, for every filed, be it sports, education , etc, we need to arrive at a tradeoff which will adequately balance out demand & supply so that its quality is maintained.

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