The Dirty Picture

No, I am not talking about the most talked about film released last week. I will be talking about some ‘dirty’ things that have happened  in politics over the past week.

Dear Government, no more own goals please

This Government can’t do anything right , Can it ? While it still continues to play see-saw over the Lokpal bill & its strength, it has now awarded a free hit to the opposition by flirting with the thing called FDI. To make matters worse, its allies have started declaring decisions on its behalf & the government is itself clueless about such decisions it has supposedly made ! Cant we have a single, firm stand from this Government on any issue, like it had during the passing of the Nuclear deal ? (forget the cash-for-vote scam for a moment please). Wasting of taxpayer’s money due to non functioning of parliament for days together is equally dirty.

I donot “like” it

This man likes to be in news, doesn’t it ? Now he has come up with the idea that all negative , dirty posts against Her Almighty & the pseudo Prime Minister must be blocked. Well, Mr Minister, first ask your Government babus not to indulge in dirty things like corruption, scams, etc & people will automatically stop writing dirty things about them. That , unfortunately, is asking for too much from the government…With people ridiculing the government yet again over the internet, it has managed to score yet another self goal. Hats off !!

As expected, dirty

The government’s reluctance to bring a strong Lokpal is dirty, but expected, considering its track record for the past 2-3 years. Perhaps expecting or envisioning the bill to be strong enough to punish the guilty & corrupt was in itself far too optimistic in the first place.
Next , was the 2G scam. Slowly, but surely all the accused & those belonging to the big shot families are being released of jail. Again, such events are dirty but expected. The loss in this huge scam may never get recovered and the guilty will perhaps live happily ever after.

Such ‘dirty’ events have further added fuel to the fire in the minds of the ruled against the rulers. Hopefully things would get less dirty in the coming days & the government would in some way achieve to put its house in order (perhaps to get dirty once again)

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