And another one

In this post, I will talk about a few events which have occurred on more than one occasion in the recent past,  as well as on what needs to be done to deal with some of them or avoid them in the future.

Not my job to clean up my house

Grief descended on the City of Joy this week. Seeing helpless patients getting mercilessly burnt was a forgettable and a deplorable sight. But, as usual , no lessons were learnt from similar incidents in the past. To add fuel to the fire, we read that there was delay in sending a SOS this time because last time, the authorities had penalized the guard for calling the fire brigade for just a small “spark”. The response was also as usual: The hospital management staff has now been sent to custody, hospital license has been cancelled but even a 4 yr old kid can tell that it is just a matter of time before  business will be as usual for the guilty. Can’t remember any unfortunate event in India wherein the guilty have been truly punished. Due to our problem of short term memory loss, this incident will be soon forgotten, but the question ” For how long will the common man remain helpless in face of such incidents?” remains. Comprehensive Disaster management training needs to be imparted at various levels of schooling to increase the probability of a better response & a lesser loss of human life.

‘Fast’ & Furious

The crusader against corruption is furious yet again & has decided to go on yet ‘Anna’ther fast. It is clear that the Government is not too much perturbed by such fasts and seemingly too keen to ensure that the proposed law will lie among all other laws in some dusty corner of a Sarkari office.  Seems that the opposition is itself not clear about its position on the movement.So things are clearly not working in the fight against corruption, are they ? The only way out, although seemingly too idealistic at the moment, is for some unknown heroes amongst to rise to the occasion and bring about some meaningful change in our country , with the rest lending full support to them. Some have indeed formed such idealistic political parties. We must wait & watch to see the their future. All the best to them.

There are some good & bad things which do happen at some frequency and in which we are nothing but mere spectators.

The Man is back

He is rusty against short ball.. His feet are always stuck to the ground with a strong adhesive…Yet,yet another achievement in his name: The first ‘human’ to score a double in ODIs. You can criticize him, write him off occasionally, but he has, no doubt brought about a revolution in the way of dealing with the pacers with his Do-or Die attitude. He may not always deliver the goods , but his fearless style will surely bring many such achievements in the coming future. Don’t be too hasty in writing this Nawab off.

The Era is gone

2011 will be remembered as year which saw the passing away of some legends in the Indian cinema. The Yahoo man which revolutionized dancing in the 70s left us mid of the year, followed by the Ghazal maestro & now the evergreen hero recently. They had specific, distinguishable  characteristics of their own , conspicuously absent in modern day hero. All we can do is to keep their golden memories alive and hope that similar legends keep on coming to the scene to continue to leave us spellbound.

There are many things which are beyond our control. But I always feel that we must, in our own capacities, learn from unfortunate things & events  that have occurred in the past & can be responded to or dealth with , to prevent their re-occurence and/or be better prepared to deal with them in the future.

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