Gone in 60 seconds..

The last 3-4 days saw a couple of hyped & largely discussed events getting over much sooner than everyone anticipated.Here are some of them & their possible impact thereafter..

Kangaroos have an Indian curry for supper

It was supposed to be the “Battle of Battles in which only the mighty will stand out, the ultimate test for our heroes, etc, etc” . People who have tendency to get up late in the morning must have definitely missed the Indian response in the second innings completely. They fell like a pack of cards & reminded us of the early days when the team used to surrender in overseas tests without a brave fight.The response in the first innings also was not very different once the master felt.Fortunately our bowlers provided the only silver lining and we didnot see too many deliveries racing to the fence in a jiffy during Aussie batting.

Tension, Tension, Castled, Gone..

He moved from 50s to 60s to 70s…the tension grew..Common only 20 odd runs to get it done once & for all. & then suddenly one sound of timber changed everything within a millisecond. Emotions changed from pressure to despair..Oh not not again , cried his fans (albeit for far too many times now). If one looks into the hindsight, one does wonder the power of just one moment to change the scene and mood around TV sets, the breaking news alerts on news channels within no time.(Perhaps in much lesser than 60 seconds)

Guns & Roses for our cricketers

Being a cricketer in India can be a double edged sword. Biggest fans can turn into biggest critics in  no time. Like every time, the reaction of fans turned from Good to bad to Ugly in no time after  the loss.

“Anna”ther one bites the dust

It was supposed to be India’s second freedom Struggle..All was well till a couple of days before. The crusader, however realised within a few hours of  the circus at Loksabha that the Government has succeeded in bringing yet another toothless Bill. The picture changed within no time. The fast & jail bharo were called off, much to our surprise and the change in the headlines of newspapers was also swift. The fallout: Life will return to normal for the corrupt sooner or later….

The quick surrender by our team reminded us that there is still lot of work to be done when it comes to preparation for overseas test series. On the other hand, even after the relatively quick fall of the ” War on Corruption” one should still appreciate the efforts put in by the crusaders and their success in waking up a dormant, indifferent India.

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