2011: The Victor & The Vanquished

Another year draws to a close. As we look at the hindsight, we see there were a few positive as well as few negative things that have happened in this year in the world and in especially in our country

Death: The great equaliser

This year saw the departure of quite a few well known personalities ranging from fields such as cinema, sports, theater, politics, arts, religion, technology and even the evil terrorism. Among them, the Good will be remembered for their contribution in various forms, the bad for the controversies they created & the Ugly for all the bad deeds performed by them during their lifetime. But as one poet has said, Death does equalises all Good, bad & Ugly men. The quantum of impact made by them during their lifetime determines the extent to which they are remembered in the days to come.

1857 & not 1947.

It was supposed to be our second freedom struggle. But unfortunately it turned out to be second 1857 war which was crushed by the mighty & the corrupt. Yet, as I have repeatedly said, one cannot belittle the efforts of the ‘crusaders’ and their success in atleast waking up a dormant & indifferent Indian society. Yes, the corrupt were definitely the victors at the end of the day.

The slide

India is or perhaps was considered a popular destination for foreign investment. But this belief has faded away with the slowing global economy, the disastrous performance of the Rupee vis-a-vis the Indian dollar, the greater than expected fall in our stock markets and the persistent high level of inflation. To add to this, the transparency, integrity standards of the Government have reached sub zero levels. Corruption seems to be the only companion of inflation in its upward flight.

Bold & Bowled

This was a significant year for Indian cricket. Nothing can be greater than the victory in World Cup. Then followed the biggest reality show called the IPL. This was followed by some senseless couple of series against the Caribbeans. The hopeless show against the British & in the first test against Aussies shows that we may be victors at home but remain vanquished when it comes to overseas tests. Also with no more cricket scheduled for this calendar  year, His fans will remain thirsty for that joy of a hundred tons for this year..Hopefully it will get quenched early next year.

Thus, this was a kabhi Khushi kabhi gham year with a few unfortunate events like the failure of the “War on Corruption” , the passing away of some of our beloved heroes but had some positive events like our victory on our own soil. Hopefully the next year will have more goodies to offer to all of us and bring in positive events more often than not.

Happy New year to all of you..!!! 

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